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After the low participation in round #2 with only two participants, we decided to try to improve the contest to satisfy the needs of the most possible largest users number with new rules, our betting site is one of the strong point of our beloved platform and we must all try to use it as much as possible, doing that new possible players and investors could join us!

Let's start immediately explaining how it work:

  • Every week a soccer match will be chosen, on which you will have to write a prediction in this post comments section.
  • The valid bets about the match chosen are only 1, X, 2.
  • At this point, all the names of those who have guessed the prediction regarding the match will be placed in the wheel on site in a video created by me and which will be published on Scorum Italia TV, the roulette will chose the winner!
  • Once the video has been uploaded to the official Youtube Scorum Italia channel I will reply to your comments with his link and I will also publish it in the post of next round.
  • The winner will be awarded 20 SCR, which must necessarily be bet on on one or more matches chosen by the winner.
  • The winner will have just to take screenshots as proof of his bets, which will be decided entirely by him; on the matches and on how many SCRs to bet on each one.
  • The screenshots can be sent directly to me on Discord via PM (my nickname there is always @dexpartacus) and will be published in the next week post.

The match chosen for this football weekend is:

Newcastle vs Liverpool - 4 May 2019 - 8:45 pm (CET)

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Good luck to you all!!!