esports // Top Esports Challenger vs Gen.G | 12:00 30.05

Bet: Over 4,5 @ 2,73 // Bookie: GG BET

Recent TES matches - two defeats under the rule with JDG winning with DWG , lost to FPX which played really solid yesterday. He has won a match with T1, which is already a shadow of himself with faker. Faker has flashes but young Chinese talents definitely come to the fore and nothing will stop it. Gen.G. from the very beginning I was typing as a black horse and yesterday I did. The bad luck was that I played the game they lost (in theory it was the most reliable) but still the players left the group. Today the match will be very difficult. The teams have almost the same percentage of games won and games played this year. The length of the games is 1 minute more to the benefit of GenG (33min) When we look at the statistics, practically both teams are similarly distributed in the match and their styles converge. TES is the favorite after the last stunt in the league, they can win it but after a long hard fight. +4 maps here are profitable for me. Recently it was worth to play risky but I have withdrawn but today I will risk at gg bet.