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Giants + 1,5 @ 2.1

The odds have definitely fallen down for several hours. It was 7 - now about 4 - 5. Whoever managed to play yesterday definitely gained a lot. Of course, the Movistar class is bigger and the recent results have not changed much while the Giants is playing solidly recently. Richard PAacheco (fox) has been in good shape for a long time, but more importantly, other players are following in his footsteps and have clearly improved their communication. renatoohaxx and NOPEEJ . All three of them have a big share in the recently won matches against x6tence and Havu. Movistar does not have any weak points, but results are unstable. The odds are still a little too high for the favorites. It will be difficult to win the Giants, but comparing the map pool, one map or + 11,5 is very accurate today after a good rate.