In sports betting, one can easily open a hundred doors of opportunities by simply knowing all the essentials that go into a single sports bet. One of those things include the Betslip Buy-in, or what sportsbooks call the BSB, which is one of the key elements involved in joining betting promos and contests.

For up-and-coming sports bettors, learning how this works is an important step to successfully place a sports bet, and to maximize the time and money spent in sportsbooks. They often find themselves asking the question, how does BSB work?

First, let’s define some terms.

A betslip lets you join a betting line, like purchasing a ticket to go see a movie. It’s an electronic form where you place all your betting information; the format you will use, the amount you want to stake, and the odds you have chosen.

A buy-in, on the other hand, refers to the amount you have to pay in order to join a betting contest. It usually accounts for the prize money featured in the contest and, if any, the commission charged by the sportsbook for hosting the event.

Now, how does BSB work?

Sportsbooks, Nitrogen Sports for example, would open contests that players can join either for free, or with a Betslip Buy-in (BSB). The former would only require players to create an account, while the latter would require them to have an account and a qualified betslip.

You might be thinking, what qualifies as a valid betslip?

You will know that your betslip has made you eligible to join a BSB-based contest when your slip follows the Date Range and Minimum Bet Risk set by the sportsbook. The date and time that serves as an indicator for validity follows the US Easter Time format.

Betting contests via BSB are usually found in betting squares, brackets and even in sim betting.

Free contests still have guaranteed prizes, but contests via BSB often feature a much higher prize with unique rules and formats. This makes BSB contests all the more interesting to dive into.