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Scorum-fans FREE-BET Giveaway - 3 | 50 SCR Free Bet
Last week, Scorum-fans gave away free bets of 10 SCR to 5 lucky users in our discord channel. The trends continue this week and we are giving away free bets of 10 SCR to 5 lucky winners this time. Last Week Winners and their entry:@TheBull - Yet to make a entry@jpm8341- @afolwalex - Yet to make a entry @muchukunda - - - - - Please feel free to visit the entries. Week 2:- How do you qualify?You have to join Scorum-fans discord channel. Here is the invitation link if you haven't: :tada: reaction on a giveaway by Giveaway Bot in #free-bet-giveaway channel. Five winners will be announced randomly by GiveAway Bot before the deadline. The winners have 1 week to make a bet and write a post about it. Terms and Conditions for Free Bet Giveaway:Winners should choose a match among those available in betscorum, and make a bet on that match (ONLY ONE MATCH). The odds must be between 1.3 and 4. You should make a post about your bet with some analysis and describe why you took the bet. You must keep a screenshot of your qualifying free bet in your post. BONUS: Scorum-fans will upvote your post based on the quality of your post.Share your link to post and the screenshot of the bet before the match in our discord channel.Only the stake of 10 SCR is covered for a risk-free bet. If you bet more than 10 SCR, we are liable to only 10 SCR. If you bet less than 10 SCR, we are liable to the amount you made bet on.Your bet must be matched TIPS: Try to pick higher odds. If you win, you will win big. If you lose, we are here for you.