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Betman’s Deep&Risky Desperation
Those days without a serious offer at BetScorum are driving Betman into desperation, and into making highly risky bets… Don’t look down there!Friday has 9 games on the list, but only two has full offering, and of those two, only one had a slim arbitrage to offer. So, Betman had to take terribly risky step, just to break the waiting depression, and decided to stake whole 100 SCR that Besiktas won’t lose its home match… Before we explain why is it so risky, here are both links to the matches:18:30 CET: Beşiktaş vs. BB Erzurumspor20:30 CET: Hertha BSC vs. SchalkeFact 1As ingiltere has explained, Beşiktaş is known to struggle in Friday games historically. Now, he lives in London but follows Turkish football, so he should know.Fact 2The rain is expected at the game time, and that is always good excuse for the favorite team which thinks it has “better football technique”, and could easily explain the defeat with “appalling conditions on the pitch”…Fact 3When you place a bet with almost all of yours liquid SCR, then a guy named Murphy likes to lay your bet, and he apparently has certain links with the mafia, and is usually able to set up the result in his way.ConclusionSo, what to do? You can side with this Murphy guy and place your bet on Erzurumspor, or you can sit back and laugh to Betman with an occasional “I told you so!” sting. But whatever you do, tell your kids…Kids, don’t try at home what Betman did!