Always fun when McGregor is in the house. Same ambiance during the press conference. In front of all camera's he threatened his opponent Chabib Noermagomedov. ' Dirty

Next month, Convent McGregor will return to the ring. At the press conference in front of the camp he threatened once again his opponent Chabib Noermagomedov. The Irish yelled "Dirty rat".

"You are an amateur"

Conor McGregor his last fight was against Floyd Mayweather. On 6th October 2018, he steps in the ring in Las Vegas against the unbeaten Chabib Noermagomedov. The Russian crowned himself as UFC world champion in the lightweights due to absence of Mayweather.

In a few weeks McGregor wants to recapture the Worldtitle. "I'm coming back to teach this coward, this dirty rat, a lesson," McGregor said at the press conference in New York. "You're an amateur, you can not keep it for more than 1 round, although I'm more than ready to fight 5 rounds."

I know it is part of the show. Behind the scenes both pro fighters are friends but let's be honest, we love to see this show. It is like Jerry Springer to me!

"Here I am, hit me", the 30 years old Irish continued. You are so afraid of me, just like last time at the bus. "Didn't you see me then?, I was waving at you " " You hide yourself like a coward"

"I praise the Lord you did not get off the bus, because if you would got off the bus, he was dead now in a coffin and I would be in jail"

I can't wait till next month :o)