It’s time, boys and girls! Third round of Betman’s Spassky vs. Fischer 1972 Hive Memorial is tomorrow. Come play with Betman!

On Thursday, July 28th at nine o’clock we will once again be reminded of the greatest Chess Championship match in which Robert Fischer entered the legend by winning the title…

Leave your theory home, because this tournament is played with a better variant – Fischer Random Chess, sometimes called Chess960. Why would anyone called it 960? Because starting position of the home rank pieces is randomized in 960 possible positions. However, the pieces of both sides must be symmetrical, with the king between rooks and bishops on the opposite colored squares. From here you use standard chess rules, including castling (done when you bring your king over the rook).

The tournament is played at Lichess platform, where you have to be a member of Betman’s Blitz Blunder Barrons club, which is really easy. And if you are also a member of a Hive community, then you will also get a cryptocurrency reward for participation, and you can with it buy… yes, Bitcoin! Read more about it!

When you register, you can play at this place:

And you can see the results of previous rounds here:

Round Two:

Round One:

If you want to see how does it look when someone is trailblazing – playing Fischer Random chess for the first time, Betman has a video for you:

Can you afford to miss this fun?