The scene of the match in cricket due to rain or scheduled time is in the field of cricket and the rain is closely involved with each other, but the India West Indies match is not a rainy trouble and in one case the match was a bit strange in Bangladesh behind the match match. In the T -T20 series match against the WEDD series in the West Indies' first match, the crime was the victim of the second Twenty20 visitor or the TV screen in the Gallery. The West Indies Cricket Board said in a statement that the first Twenty20 match from Trinidad to St Kitts started the St. Kitts match, but the cricketers did not reach the West Indies' second Twenty20 field. And forced to start two hours late linen

The board, however, could not make this national event with the Indian team late 1987 and 1994 India vs. West Indies, but the delayed event in cricket was delayed in Bangladesh's South Africa tour 2017. The first day of the national event service received lunch on the first day of the second Test. The Bangladesh team gets the meal 10 minutes late at the scheduled time because the South Africa match can never be forgotten because 5 wickets in the first innings or two innings.

Ranji Trophy Delhi vs Uttar Pradesh match. During the match, a man in the field suddenly entered the car and wrote the current star with Gautam Gomvi. The Indian opener's then batting cylindrical lock ferguson bowling Ferguson could not be seen due to heavy sunlight in the eleventh over, the umpire was forced to take the match to close the match, which was often the strange thing in the previous wicket.