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AB de Villiers will not play PSL in Pakistan in 2019
Source Here is one of the hot news for the fans of AB de Villiers. As there is a big issue going with India and Pakistan regarding the terror attack and meanwhile Ab de Villiers had confirmed about his not presence in PSL 2019. There are many questions in the mind of the Fans. Some are saying Ab de Villers had taken the step because of terror attacks which happen between both the countries and some says there is some another reason behind this. Let me confirm you first as there is another reason behind this and I will say in the further blog. Source He had a major injury in his back at the time of practise season. So this is the simple reason for him to not travel to Pakistan. As his doctor advised him to take a total rest for 2 weeks and then continue next matches. With this, he has been ruled out from the tournament and he had officially declared about not taking part in the league. He had said his team a piece of very good luck and win this trophy this year and tell others without him also team can make the win. He told he will be taking part in the league next year and hope so to return back to play for his country too as soon as possible. Source Due to such reasons, he is not able to take part in the matches of PSL and it is confirmed he is also not able to take part in any matches for his country too. This injury will be recovered within 2 weeks and he will be as usual playing at the ground after recovery. His doctor team told a bed rest for two weeks and not to play any matches. Many other fans twitted about his recovery and demand him for his good return after the treatment.Thank you for reading my blog and hope so you got some useful news regarding the topic. I will try my best to bring some more hot news and Predictions regarding betting. I prefer betting in as it is free and easy to use.@jaineel