After Ben Stokes said goodbye to ODI cricket, the upload topic of the cricketers is now talk of the word, cannot take control of the game. On July 18, 1 Instagram post surprised everyone and said goodbye to ODI cricket after 30 years of not being able to give 100% in this format of 50 overs. After this decision, there was a lot of noise in the cricket community. On ODI cricket, Wasim Akram took the first seven wickets to win Pakistan's first ever ODI World Cup trophy against England in 1992. He is also India's second highest wicket taker of 500 wickets in this ODI format.

It has become very tiring for t20 cricket in this era seems to be one day cricket era cricketers are now focusing more on tester t20 version ODI cricket is on the way to extinction in my opinion after departure or even before former Indian cricketer and current commentator Akash Chopra is about dropping ODI cricket. Aakash Chopra of Service came up and said that ODI cricket is struggling with its existence. There should be more international T20. It is necessary for government institutions. If there is no T20 international, the broadcasting business will be affected in every country. You will not get a chance not only in ODI cricket, but in the context of the modernity of cricket and the statement of cricketers, when many people have raised the demand to eliminate the 50-over format, then India's former cricketer and head coach Ravi Shastri asked the question about the international T20, the football club-based version of cricket, Bhavna Shastri thought of bilateral series It is time to think especially T20

There are T20 leagues in different countries including India, West Indies, Pakistan series. In my opinion, those leagues should be encouraged. By playing bilateral series, the countries named to play in the World Cup will increase the importance of the World Cup. The former coach of Team India has told the ICC how it should be. In this case, the plan is to divide the teams into two parts. If the former coach of Team India does not divide it into two parts, Test cricket will end in the next ten years. According to the Test wicket list, the first six teams One part will be Chatty Dunia. The second part will be the first six teams will play each other. The second part teams will have to play each other to qualify. If the number of bilateral series is reduced, it will be available. It is important to keep all types of cricket alive. Cricket ODI Cricket Cricket Cricket ICC Cricket The highest regulatory body will take into account the former's whereabouts.