Taizul took 8 wickets, Bangladesh got a lead of 44 runs

In the batting of the two openers of Pakistan, it seemed that Bangladesh would have to be crushed under a huge lead. On the second day of the match on Saturday, Pakistan scored 145 runs in the opening match. From there, they lost 10 wickets to add another 141 runs. As a result, the host Bangladesh got the lead of 44 runs.

Left-arm spinner Taizul Islam is the key to giving the team the lead. Taizul took 6 wickets for 116 runs at an average of the second-best bowling record of his career. Kupokat in his spin, Pakistan's innings stopped at 26 runs. Abid Ali scored a century and another opener Abdullah Shafiq scored fifty. And no one saw the fifties.source


On the second day of the match on Saturday, the Bangladesh team could not break the opening pair of Pakistan despite bowling two sessions. However, left-arm spinner Taizul Islam picked up a pair of successes in the first over on Sunday, the third day. Inaugurated openers Abdullah Shafiq and Azhar Ali returned to the dressing room with two consecutive balls.

Pakistan went down to play with 145 runs without wickets made the day before. Abid Ali struck Shafiq with one run in the first ball of the day. Shafiq played three consecutive ball dot. Square cut wanted to say the fifth ball of the over.

But in that shot, the ball hit the pad before hitting the bat. The umpire also responded to the strong appeal of Bangladesh fielders. It was obvious to the naked eye that the ball hit the stamp. So Pakistan did not take any more reviews.

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As a result, Shafiq's inaugural innings ended with 52 off 18 balls. Where there were two fours and sixes. Shafiq could have returned with a personal 9 runs. Shafiq was hit on the pad just like Taizul's ball. But the umpire did not give out. Bangladesh also did not take the review. As a result, Shafiq survived.

Experienced Azhar Ali dropped to number three after the departure of the opener. Taizul fooled him at first. He defended the delivery pitched at the middle stump but hit the ball past his bat and hit the pad.

This time too strong appeal to the fielders of Bangladesh. But the umpire did not respond. Bangladesh captain Muminul Haque immediately took the review. After watching the TV replay, the third umpire decided to get out. Azhar returned to the dressing room with zero runs. Captain Babar came in at number four.

Babar was doing a good job of handling the initial push with right-handed opener Abid Ali. Abid continued to bat fluently as before. He did not give any chance to the bowlers of Bangladesh. Abid picked up his fourth career century in the 7th over of the innings.

However, Abid was not accompanied by Babar for a long time. Miraj was attacking in the 63rd over of Pakistan's innings. Babar hit the boundary with the second ball, reached the individual 10 runs. However, Bangladesh off-spinner took revenge after one ball. He played Babar's farewell bell for 10 runs by bowling directly.

Babar wanted to lightly defend the delivery with the back foot pitched outside the off stump. But the ball did not turn and went straight through the outer edge of Babur's bat, hitting the off stump. Babar made 10 runs off 47 balls before returning to the dressing room.

After the departure of the captain, Fawad could not do much. Though Abid was batting perfectly and fluently at one end, Bangladesh bowlers were repeatedly raising questions against Fawad. In the end, the farewell bell of Bad Fawad is in the whirlpool of Taizul.

Fawad was completely defeated by Taizul in the third ball of the 7th over of the innings. Wicketkeeper Liton Das grabbed Fawad's gloves and hit the pads on the pad and followed the wicket with one hand.

The umpire did not give out even after the strong appeal of Bangladesh bowlers-fielders. Bangladesh captain Muminul Haque immediately took the review. After watching the TV replay, the third umpire declared Fawad cut behind. Fawad made 6 runs off 15 balls before being dismissed.


In the previous over of Taizul, there was a strong appeal of the leg before against centurion Abid Ali. The umpire did not give out the service. Later Bangladesh review showed that the ball touched the inside edge of Abid's bat before it hit the pad. So the Pakistani opener survived.

After dismissing Fawad, Taizul created a clear chance against Abid in the 70th over of the innings. His light curved delivery touched the outer edge of Abid's bat and went off on the first slip. But Nazmul Hossain Shant could not palpate it. As a result, Abid got life for 113 runs.

Abid and new batsman Mohammad Rizwan did not give any chance during the rest of the session. The two of them took the team to the lunch break.

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Two spinners Taizul Miraj shared four wickets in the first session. Right-arm pacer Ebadat Hossain Chowdhury joined them back in the second session. Mohammad Rizwan was sent to the dressing room in the third over of the session.

Bangladesh took a new ball in the over before the lunch break. Muminul attacked the two pacers from the beginning of the second session with a new over. Hatena also got success. In the first ball of the third over of the session, Ebadat trapped Rizwan in the leg before.

Off-stamp outdoor delivery went in with speed, as well as being a bit low. Which pierced Rizwan's defense and hit the pad. The umpire did not hesitate to point the finger out. As a result, Pakistan's wicketkeeper-batsman scored 5 runs off 36 balls at the farewell hour.

Right-handed opener Abid Ali was a thorn in Bangladesh's side from the beginning. Survived once with a chance to catch a personal 113 runs. The right-handed opener was pulling Pakistan's innings alone, increasing the frustration of Bangladesh bowlers.

Left-arm spinner Taizul Islam brought relief to the Bangladesh team by returning him. In the second session, Taizul attacked Abid for the first time and trapped Abid in the leg before with the fourth ball. As a result Pakistan lost 6 wickets. Hope to take the lead in front of Bangladesh.

Abid went ahead to play the second ball of Taizul's over. But the ball was going towards the square leg with the inner edge of the bat. Yasir Ali Rabbi, who was standing on short leg, took control of it with great speed. But in the end could not hold.

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However, after one ball, Pakistan's Centurion was defeated in the delivery. The umpire ruled in favor of Taizul's strong plea. Abid could not save his wicket even with the review. He had to return to the dressing room with 133 runs. He made the lion's share of the team's runs alone before being dismissed.

After dismissing Abid, Taizul also sent Hasan Ali to the toilet. Hasan hit fours and sixes in the first two balls of the 96th over. He went on to hit the third ball in the same series in the hope of a boundary. But missed that turn and bounced delivery.

Liton made no mistake behind the wicket. He immediately broke the stamp and handed the address of the pavilion to Hasan. And Taizul's Pifer is fulfilled. This is the ninth time in his career that he has taken five wickets. Among the Bangladeshi bowlers, he rose to number two in the list of Fifa.

After losing 6 wickets for 240 runs, Pakistan got valuable 47 runs in the last two wickets. Taizul trapped Nauman Ali in the leg before the team's 256 runs. Nauman took the review after the umpire gave out. It seemed that the ball hit the bat and the pad at the same time. But the third umpire could not change the decision due to a lack of clear evidence.

After that Shaheen Shah Afridi and Fahim Ashraf drowned in the tenth wicket partnership. The pair scored 29 runs. In the end, Liton ended Fahim's innings with a dramatic catch. Fahim swept the ball outside the leg stump.

Liton went to catch it after it hit the edge of his bat. But the ball gets stuck in the gap between the two legs without getting deposited in the gloves. This is the end of Pakistan's innings. 38 runs from 60 balls came from Fahim's bat. Shahin remained unbeaten on 13 off 32 balls.

Taizul took 6 wickets for 116 runs with the ball. Which is the second-best bowling record of his career. Besides, Ebadat took two wickets and Miraj took one wicket.