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Some 'weird' runs out of cricket
Pakistani batsman Azhar Ali has run out laughingly on the third day of the Abu Dhabi Test against Australia.But such a strange run out but this is not the first. There are examples of such run-outs before. And it's in Test cricket, as well as in one-day cricket. Let's take a look at some runs out1. In the last one-day match against Sri Lanka in February 2007, Virender Sehwag has been jogging with the ball in the Thirdman Ball. Just increase the speed at the end. Wicket keeper Kumar Sangakkara saw the ball returning to the non-striker's end. Sehwag was run out2In November 2007, Misbah-ul-Haq ran a ball at point in Feroze Shah Kotla in New Delhi. Dinesh Kartik throws the ball on the non-striker's end. When Misbah reached the crease, the thro did not seem so, jumped for him. When the ball was in the stumps, his bat was empty. Misbah was out in the middle of the match.3. Runs out of England captain Alastair Cook who was caught in Eden in December 2012. Cook, who had 190 runs in the non-striker's end, came a little forward. He took a little away from the square leg to get the big Koholi throws in the body. Throw takes directly to the stumps. Cook does not get out when he returns to the crease.4. Mohammed Amir of Pakistan went to beat six against the West Indies in Sharjah in November 2016. Rothon Chess, who was caught in the limelight, could not keep the balance. Amir thinks, six have become. When he got it, he started running. However, he is out on the non-striker's end in the thrill of Chess.5. Runs out of Azhar's in Pakistan I do not run around thinking it's four Standing in mid-crease, Asad Shafique expressed his excitement with his hand. But, just before the boundary stopped the ball. Mitchell Starc was dismissed by wicketkeeper Tim Paine while he was dismissed by Azhar. The practice starts, whether it's the most weird run out of it.