Nintendo has just released a trailer of one of their newest games called Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Various famous characters such as Mario Bros., Link, Pikachu, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Sonic, until Bowser is busy fighting in the video.

Not to forget, there are also characters in the Splatoon game present. The entry of various figures into the game has become a new update announced by Nintendo at the Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Interestingly, unlike most video introductions to games, there is no background sound that accompanies the trailer. There are only sound effects from punches, sword swings, and various other events. Seeing that, the netizens intervened to fix it. The answer from Warganet is to install a sound background so that the video doesn't seem quiet.

Many have posted songs from various genres as the background of their voices. Titles such as Crawling (Linkin Park), Will Go On (Celine Dion), My Heart Piece, and Don's Stop Me Now (Queen) were chosen by Warganet to fill the video that did feel a little empty.

Not only that, there are also those who choose the sound background of the movie Avengers: Infinity War. But maybe the winner is an account creation called @GGaiKingDGreat which chose to put on opening music in the Super Smah Bros Melee game.

Although Nintendo's decision to release this video without a background trailer sounded strange, a number of netizens actually saw it as a smart move. Not only does it become viral, they also don't have to bother paying for the song license for the background sound.

Super Smash Bros. itself will be released on December 7 on the Nintendo Switch console.