Lately quite a good series of our e-sports tipsters. Last csgo match won at a very good odds. Course 2.76 and results 2:0 - is the form !

League of Legends // Gen.G - DAMWON GAMING // Time: 03/26 13:00

BET: DAMWON GAMING @4.300 1/10

match analysis

Today two teams meet in the LCK league, which at the beginning measured slightly differently. Unfortunately, in LCK we will not know the line-up of teams for today's game ... Gen G currently has a 79% win rate, which is a great result considering the predictions made before the season. 19 wins and the last series without a flaw is really impressive. It's no coincidence that today it's GEN. G is the favorite, unfortunately the odds of winning are too low. The teams at LCK are really balanced and I think the GenG series will be discontinued soon. Maybe it will be today. But it will be very difficult to do that. No less Dawmon likes to compete with such teams. In both teams the strongest character in the midlane and Dawmon has a lot of room for manoeuvre in the drafts. Gen g most often chooses Zoe and Azir. In theory, all you have to do is to rephrase the most often played heroes. In the last game with Griffin it was easy for them, but it's mainly because it's a team with bad strategy for this season. Couching alone is not enough. DAMWON 3 match in a row with a defeat which, however, does not fully reflect their game which was correctly played. A high increase in 10 hours from 3.1 to 3.9 is a good time to play

League of Legends // GAM Esports - Team Secret // Time: 03/28 14:00

BET : GAM ESPORTS (-1.5) @2.000 3/10

bet analysis

GAM Esports is the team that won the fastest this season in the league. In the match against the CES they only needed 21 minutes to deal with the rival. In general this team wants to destroy the rival as soon as it senses his weakness. Today it could be such a game. GAM won 12 of their last 14 games - about 11 killings on average) But I won't play on the number of kills but on 2 maps in this match. Team Secret has a weak mentality and unless the first game goes well they will lose the whole meeting. Looking at their drafts I have concerns. Gam has a very strong form and great disposition of players on honey and on the lower lane. I don't know what would have to happen for Team Secret with 54 Win rate to threaten them. The form of players is very unstable and practically every match changes the hero. This is chaos, not some elaborate strategy.