BROSF simulated Fifa football

The BROSF is a Simulation Football/soccer contest run by @TuckFheman and helped by myself which will hopefully become a large league involving you very soon!


8 Teams chosen by members of the SPL (Scorum Poker League) will play out a bracket tournament for the 20SCR prize. 8 teams in a bracket format runs as seem below:

8 Team Bracketed outcomes

So this test will be a total of 7 matches and the winner will only have to win 3 matches.

What can this mean for you?

If the tournament runs smoothly this could lead to a much bigger league with much bigger prize pools. Possibly not a bracket tournament but a full league like the Premier League (obviously shorter).

People tonight and their teams

Test teams and owners

So to verify, amos= man united, mikey= man city, gold= liverpool, tuck= Juventus

btb= millwall, beth= Real Madrid, Broncofan99 = Tottenham, brobaby = AC Milan.

Round one Draws

First Round games - BROSF Contest

The BROSF Tournament is going to run as soon as this is posted 02/02/19

Watch the tournament at:

Enjoy and good luck!