Maradona is a good player in the game that needs a lot of technical use and understanding. In the picture below. U see maradona playing behind 2 striker and in the other playing in a midfield trio.

If you play maradona in a 433 formation with a midfield trio. You can't enjoy him because he will have to tackle and use more strength to retain the ball and because he's not that strong, he tends to lose ball easily and you will label him shit, I know many noob players would prefer player's like Kevin de bruyne or R.Gullit in attacking based on their shooting skill but trust they are not the best in attack, Maradona is indeed a beast when you use him well.

In the 2nd formation where he plays behind 2 cf. U will enjoy him so much because he just needs to give accurate passes roaming in the 10position,no need for defensive duties... maradona is good. Just understand him and stop playing him in a position where he needs to defend. Don't drop him too deep in the midfield.