Ohio State University

The eSports industry is growing rapidly and it has now made it into the class room. Ohio State University is launching an interdisciplinary curriculum that will spread across five colleges. These colleges will be focusing on game studies and eSports.

A state of the art gaming arena is being created, this arena will be a place for eSports teams to practice and compete, while also allowing none competitive gamers to socialize, play games and engage in virtual reality experiences.

Ohio State plans to be a leader in the eSports world.

There are a large number of gamers in our world and until recently almost none of them ever expected to turn their passion into a profession, now they can. Even if you are not a gamer or game developer you are able to find a career in the gaming industry, thanks to eSports.

New jobs are being created, eSports will be a big part of our society in the near future and it will play a role in our economy just as professional sports leagues such as the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB have. I believe eSports will be bigger than any of those because with gaming it's much more of a fair playing field, being born athletically gifted is not a factor. Almost anyone can become a professional gamer if they work hard enough.

Sports Medicine Research

eSport Research

Ohio State University are researching their eSport athletes.

"The goal is to better understand the relationships between their brain's, body's, and behaviors."

Believe it or not, professional gamers do possess some unique characteristics which are and will continue to be studied in the future. Even people who have no interest in gaming at all will be connected to eSports.

Future for game studies?

Potential career paths for people who study games:

  • Business management
  • Production of events
  • Design of games
  • Research side of games
  • marketing
  • Game development

Today, eSports is still new and most people do not know too much about it other than the fact there are gamers now competing against one another for cash prizes. This is only the beginning, in the future it will not only be professional gamers competing for prizes, it will be most gamers that do.

Cryptocurrency will add new layers to eSports, the future is bright!