Sometimes you come across pieces of news that make you pause, do a double take, or even just leave you stumped as to why it even happened. So today at WWGN we have decided to dig through some of the stranger offerings we've seen in the recent week.

FeelReal is the nosey VR

Image credit to FeelReal!

FeelReal debuted their concept for a smelly add-on for VR headsets at the Game Developers Conference three years ago. It brought the joke of smell-o-vision to life when they promised haptics and a scent cartridge for the headset and after a long three years in the development and concept stage, it appears that it might be ready!

A Kickstarter is yet to have an arrival date but interested parties can sign up on their website for updates and an ultra-early bird discount before it goes live.

The sniff-tastic gaming experience will come preloaded with a variety of scents, from ones that simulate gunpowder, to others that resemble walking through a field of flowers. But if that isn't enough variety, the scent packs will be fully customizable when they open their store that will make available over 250 flavours for the discerning nose.

But this FeelReal headset doesn't stop at scent cartridges. The will come with some very interesting additions to make games and videos more real than ever. Along with haptic feedback vibrations, there will be miniature heaters to simulate fire and explosions, coolers for wind, and even a water mister.

Imagine the VR esports players using this while trying to compete! It would make it a little too real! Also, it looks ridiculous.

Image credit to FeelReal!

Fallout 76 cheaters go back to school

Some Fallout 76 players probably weren't expecting to get a homework assignment over the holidays, but for some of the cheaters, it seems like they have some work to do.

Quite a few players got an email stating that their accounts had been banned for using a third party cheat and/or mod program. The emails were pretty vague and didn't list the programs that lead to the accounts being flagged and banned, which has opened the door for these players to complain and claim that they have not done anything wrong.

However, if they are willing to put in a little work, it seems that the accounts could be reinstated if they pay penance to Bethesda. And it's a bit of a weird one.

At the end of the email, the company claims that you can attempt to get your account reinstated by simply writing an essay to submit. The subject matter? Why cheating is detrimental to a gaming community. Once submitted, the essays will be reviewed by a tribunal that has been assembled and a decision will be made.

I assume they will also be checking the essays for plagiarism, you know, because cheaters. But chances are, there won't be many essays coming their way. I would bet that they would rather make an entirely new account!

Jack Black joins the gaming community

Image from Pick of Destiny!

About 5 days ago a video hit YouTube on a brand new channel. That isn't new and certainly isn't unheard of, but seeing Jack Black in a gaming chair with a couple PC gaming rigs behind him certainly is!

It seems that the comedic actor and musician has another passion he wants to share with the world and it appears to be gaming! His channel promises other things but it seems that it will focus mainly on being "bigger than Ninja and PewDiePie".

And I can't wait to see this spectacle.

His son will be directing and editing the videos together and with Jack Black's talent for the strange and improve, him moving to a live stream would be ideal. But for now, we will have to see how he does with pre-recordings.

As of right now the channel already has over 550,000 subscribers so chances are, if he plays right, this could absolutely explode. but personally, I want to see him compete on Team YT. Get that man on stage! Or at least on Twitch!

Here is the only video on his channel right now and it's definitely weird:

Are there any weird gaming, eSports, or sports stories you've seen lately? Share them in the comments below!

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