A few days ago, Ubisoft announced the postponement of Far Cry 6 and Rainbow 6 Quarantine until after April 2021, but it seems that these games are not the only ones that will be postponed as part of Ubisoft's projects, but the matter will also include the Avatar project

This project, as we know, is under development by Massive Entertainment, and according to the French company’s statements in its latest report, the project has been postponed to the fiscal year beginning in April 2022. That is, it may be issued between April 2022 and the end of March 2023.

With Avatar 2 movie postponed to December 2022, it is believed that the game's launch date will be closer to this date in order to take advantage of the momentum surrounding it. Indeed, company officials linked in their financial report the reason for postponing the game project to delaying the screening date of the movie.

On the occasion of the film's entry into production, Ubisoft Massive team confirmed in December 2019 that work is still in full swing on the open-world video game project inspired by the movie. We recall that Ubisoft and Cameron had previously worked together to present an Avatar-inspired game in 2009, but that game did not receive as much criticism as it happened with the movie.