The news that Cyberpunk 2077 has been postponed to December 10 has angered many players and even sent death threats to the developer after the delay. The problem is that we heard several justifications from the developer for this postponement, including those related to copying the current generation and not performing as required, and at other times it was said that the reason is that the game targets the average rating of +90.

But will we really witness the release of the game on December 10, as the many postponements have made some people doubt even the game’s release in the first place. And now there are vague statements from team officials. When they were asked a question about the date of December 10 specifically and whether it is a fixed date, Adam Kisinski’s answer was: “We feel - maybe we are not comfortable, but we are confident in the date of the new release.”

Then, Michel Nowakovsky, vice president of the company's development department, commented on the matter by saying, "What I'm saying might be inaccurate, but I think - yes." Of course, these statements were interpreted that the developer is still skeptical about their ability to abide by the new date, and we may hear about another postponement of the game.

On the other hand, the studio president, during a meeting with investors, defended the issue of pressure on developers and making them work extra hours in order to complete the development in what is known as Crunch and said that this is not really bad and that a large percentage of developers are not pressured and the work team is happy with the additional three weeks. But this statement caused a lot of controversy, which made the studio president send an email to all the team's employees apologizing for these statements, confirming that what he said was bad and harmful.