(Entries Due on Dec 11th)

This will be a contest with a prize of over 500 SCR and a rare one of a kind enjin trophy backed with 1000 enjin tokens. All going to one winner!

The contest is simple, Each week I post a topic.

You do a high quality post about it in 400 words or more.

Put the link to your post in the comment section on here. And let me know you entered.

( I removed the tag requirement)

And see if your post is picked by our judges as one of the best.

Click. Click. Boom.

Thanks again to @mikey and @liuke96player for being judges for this season!

The revised score system works like this each 1st place vote is 4 points 2nd place vote is 2 and every 3rd place vote is 1 point.

For week one we had seven solid entries!

Of those the judges picks lead to @bwar to be the leading man so far!

Bwar (1st + 2nd place) - 6 votes

ogreabroad (1 1st)=4 votes

Feedo.dido ( 1 2nd place) = 2 votes

Kolumbus (3rd and 3rd)=2 votes

As you can see the contest standings is neck and neck! Lots of writing left to do.

And now onto the topic for week 2.

With the scorum platform user created content that earns becomes more mainstream. But in the video game community, it's not new. Streamers on and off use applications like twitch and YouTube to show off their gameplay to a live audience.

Such as my streamer friend.

Levinthianlive aka Levi aka Brando aka one of my closet friends

I've known him for the better part of 3 years. And his dream has been to become a professional streamer and just make an audience "his chat" happy. Ever spare moment Brando gets off from work even if it means he doesn't get home until after midnight if he's not opening the next day. He's streaming. He loves it.

So for this entry please give specific examples.

How does enjin coin impact streamers?

Big and small. From guys up and coming like levi to established big dogs like Ninja.

Get cracking guys and have fun :)

Wholesome Swolesome Footnote.

Later this month I am going to join my pal and do an all day charity stream. Looking at minting exclusive enjin items and selling them. Whatever we raise is going to a noble cause maybe even a local adoption agency. Help some animals find good permanent homes. Thank you guys for your continued support and I hope you tune in!