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First let me thank this seasons Sponsors who have helped make the BROCFML the 9th fastest growing Madden stream on Twitch. BROCFML is a proud Twitch Affiliate with over 200 unique viewers per day marketing our sponsors to a wide variety of sports enthusiast.

Their generous contributions help keep the league alive and feed the gerbils who power the PC's as well as help support my blogging partner @mikey.

Texans 22 - 19 Saints

This was a season opener almost as good as the real life version. It went down to the wire with the Texans pulling it out late with a field goal, just the opposite of what happened in the NFL.

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Giants 10 - 48 Cowboys

The Cowboys were just too much for the Giants in this one, just like the NFL game on Sunday, the Giants were no match.

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Bills 43 - 21 Jets

In another laugher the Bills completely dominated the Jets in the 2nd half to walk away with an easy victory.

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Ravens 30 - 23 Dolphins

In one of the days closer matches the Ravens squeezed out a victory against the Dolphins. Due to a connection error this game is in two parts.

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Part 2 :

Broncos 13 - 27 Raiders

Da Raiders took care of business at home against the Bronco's in what turned out to be an easy victory.

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Lions 48 - 27 Cardinals

In a high scoring affair the Lions put a whoopin' on the Cardinals in their own house and with their breezy schedule look poised to make the playoffs easily this season. It's about time! ;)

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Chiefs 17 - 54 Jaguars

What started out as a close game ended up in an embarrassment for the Chiefs as the Jaguars rubbed it in all the way until the last minute scoring late and showing no mercy.

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Live : Bengals 23 - 38 Seahawks

This game is still in action early in the 4th Quarter. You can tune in below to see if the Bengals can make a comeback against Beth's Seahawks.

Note : The title was not updated prior to streaming, it will be corrected when it ends.


Here are some of today's best plays!

Chiefs Hardman with 94 yd Kick Return bouncing off Jaguars

Lions DeAndre Hopkins diving catch vs Cardinals

Cowboys Byron Jones with diving backwards INT

Cowboys Hyde with tip drill pick 6 vs Giants

Edelman with sick 23 yd diving catch falling backwards vs Giants

Cowboys Mccaffrey with 59 yd TD run vs Giants

Texans Kamara 76 yd TD beast mode run vs Saints

Big Hit of the Day

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