Hello everyone,

A lot of people here on scorum plays games, it can be PC, Console or Android/iOS. A lot of popular games like PUBG, Fortnite are in trends so we must use this platform to spread the scorum words and make a bigger and richer community on the internet. When I first joined this platform I came to know the endless potential and how it can be utilized to enhance this platform. I have seen one of such glimpse in the betting subdomain of scorum where more people are engaging and it is also becoming a source of content for the blogs. Scorum is a long racehorse and a lot of things are still unexplored. I have played a lot of PC games in my life including the Symbian, Java. I am currently playing PUBG Mobile and I am looking forward to establishing a clan and squad so that we can both promote scorum and the community.

Scorum - PUBG Mobile Squad/Clan!

I am in talks with @civilstudy towards bringing the esports and how we can start E-Tournaments while utilizing the potential of Scorum and the tokens. We have been talking about hosting a PUBG Mobile tournament along with the live stream. Although we are yet to confirm or announce anyone soon. @civilstudy is pretty much interested and one of the reasons for the interest is the betting site and how it is engaging people with this platform. Scorum tokens can be distributed as tokens although one must have to join scorum in order to participate so he/she can earn rewards. Limiting rewards to SCR is another way of making people join this platform and earn as much as they can similar to the betting site.

Apart from the theoretical view on a practical basis, we can even implement a website where one can host the tournament by submitting the pot money along with other participation constraints. I have been learning React JS so it is also going to be fun for me to make as much project as I can. Scorum is more than just a blogging platform or a betting platform, it can have as many as sports version. And I want to explore this and build something amazing for this community. As I said I am still learning things so implementation of this idea isn't going to come quickly and even I don't want to rush it on myself so we will go strategically and will try to emphasize more on this idea and how we can make this happen.

I will discuss this with other scorum users also and will try to come up with something amazing soon. Till then hit the follow button and let me know your views on this!