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Introducing Real Life Laser Tag | Fusion of Sport & Game
We have all been suffering with a dilemma of spending a balanced amount of time on active sports and lethargic games. Because, the evolution in the game industry somewhat suppressed the percentage of physical activities and we realized that the border was getting thicker. The dilemma led to the invention of all-time famous hybrids including "Laser Tag" and "Paint ball", which provided a nice fusion of the both. However, they are not frequently available and require specific gears leading to an increased cost of the activity. That's where technology kicked in, especially with the development of 'Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR)'. Yes, you got it right 'Ready Player 1' is just a glimpse of whats coming and i am pretty sure much earlier than 2045 and with much more physical activities. The initial version is already here and surprisingly the basic idea was given by a 71-year-old entrepreneur. So, lets cut the chase, welcome "" and take a tour of the layout and its analysis: = Game + Physical activity (Image Source) Have you..Ever wanted to terminate that annoying best friend just enough to revive back? orTake out your anger on husband by avoiding a serious knock. orWished your boss could get on his knees in front of you and beg for mercy? Wondered how to get your kids out of gaming room to the playground? Congratulations, your Santa has arrived with all the goody bags. The developed hybrid is playable with smart phones and it also converts the whole world into an unlimited game arena. Real-life people around you can become the victims of your virtually unleashed wrath. There are two main modes in the game: Single Player Mode (Dronefight Game): From my cellphone screen snapshot In this mode you get some drones flying in the air with real-time background, which you have to shoot and their difficulty level increases with time. There are two weapon options at the top right corner of the screen and the drone gives you a hard time locking it. It's very similar to 'Pokemon Go'. Even though its not a very exciting one, but its good enough to give you some spins, chase and a bit dizziness. Real time background (my office window). You can see the reflection of phone in mirror. In my point of view, the drone graphics and game-play is smooth but, it is little hard to see menu and text on the screen. Also, a little more fun is required in the single mode where more exciting stuff like fighter planes and tanks with energy bonuses to catch at different locations would be a great addition. Multiplayer Mode (with Inceptor): Multiplayer mode of (Image Source) I think this would be the best mode of the game, why am i saying 'would be' is because i have not tried it because of two main reasons. That the small piece of equipment you are seeing around the phones is called 'inceptor' and is required to play the multi-mode. It connect with the game and give you a map of people connected to the multi-player game mode and ready to start the battle. Apparently, it is available on amazon for about 39$ and i am looking forward to order it. Even though in my multiplayer mode 2 people are showing within 1 km distance whom i can go to poke, but still i think abundance and adaptation of the game is less in the surrounding and i need to convince a couple of colleagues to get the device as well and get into the game. Watch this video for full exposure about multi-mode Summary: Overall, the game seems very exciting to me and i would surely love to give the multiplayer mode a try. MP mode also has many formats including 'head shot', team kill, secure the flag and death match etc and a variety of weapons and unlimited number of participation is possible. It is a lovely gift for the parents and kids especially, for those parents who are tired of seeing their kids play indoor video games whole day. Only thing to be careful about is that such games also divert attention from the dangers of the real world around so, better play it an open area and avoid traffic and dangerous edges. Download Link: available for both IOS & Android (Free of cost) Disclaimer: Kindly, know that this is not a financial advice or anything of this sort. So, please do not take it as a recommendation, do your complete survey before joining any finance-included options. Just, sharing this review for esports and game lovers. Lock and load ;)

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