Hi, friends!

There was no post in my blog yesterday and that's because I finished in the hospital's ER late in the evening. I came from work and immediately felt something is terribly wrong with my belly. I hate when I have to see doctors. It's frightening me but what can I do?! When there was state of my mind that I can't suffer anymore, I decided to go the the hospital's ER to look for some help.

Hospitals in Zagreb, Croatia are currently in bad shape, only young doctors work there because they have to work somewhere for four or five years after they finish the university. People with experience in the business left the country some time ago because why to stay living in the country where they don't pay their workers enough to live a proper life. It's completely normal to go somewhere else to find a better job with better salary.

So, last night some young girl doctor examine me, they took my blood and urine test, EKG and I had to wait for more then two hours for the results. I checked in at ER at about 6:30 and I left it at 11:45pm. They gave intravenous medicine and I felt better after some time. I have to take better care of my health because stress is freaking me out. I just HAVE TO BE BETTER TO MYSELF.

What is interesting is that my rally car was outside of garage and I took it to come to hospital as soon as possible. I drove carefully, don't worry.

I am still alive, as you can see and I feel little bit better then yesterday. I hope I'll be better in a day or two.

Wish me luck!

Enjoy some beer!