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Red Bull Straight Rhythm - GoPro HD & Earl Shreds it up!
Haha this has got to be one of the best things i have seen in a long time guys! Motocross has always and will always be a family sport, a father son/daughter bond that families spend the weekend together being a family. It's what attracted me to the sport and what i remember most about spending time with my father and brothers. My granddad also rode speedway which is what got my father into bikes and it seems the motorbike virus was passed on to me and my siblings. So, along that train of thought it seems that Dean Wilson has been thinking about ways to not only promote the sport and the family side of things but I'm guessing that he has some self promotion ideas. Don't get me wrong, i think this is some of the best i have seen in a long time and he certainly has a brain on top of that riding body. So in a half prank, half promotion (i believe) stunt he decided to hire a makeup artist to disguise himself as an eighty year old granddad called Earl and together with his grandson, go and watch some racing. The best part for me is that the pro racers have no idea it was Deano and you can see the shock on their faces when he hands them a piece of his speed and technical jumping haha. Enjoy guys! Earl shows younguns how to shred a bike Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2018 - GoPro HD So now back to something a little more serious :) As the off season rolls on we have to look back and enjoy the pieces we can while we wait patiently for the approaching Monster Energy Supercross season to kick off at Anaheim 1. What i do have today though guys is more than just a few scraps... We have a full main course with some epic GoPro action from last weekends 2-Stroke only Red Bull Straight Rhythm. First up we have Troy Lee Designs KTN Factory rider Jordon Smith tearing it up during the riders practice time. This time is needed to not only work out the nerves and stresses of the night head but also to work out the rhythm you need to pull out the fastest way to the finish. What you need to remember is the event will happen at night, that means floodlights and shadows and all the things you need to put out of your mind when the gate drops. The only way to do that is repetition and get that track in bedded into your muscles so when the time comes you don't have to think, just rip! Jordon Smith - Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2018 - GoPro Next up we swap that iconic Californian sun for the bright coloured lights of finals night and you can see already how different the track looks. We follow Ryan Surratt as he pits himself against AJ Catanzaro and his "JS 259" James Stewart tribute Kawasaki. Surratt absolutely sends it over those walls and man it goes to show why most riders check up on those! This is one seriously close match up and that seemed to be the flavor of the night. Watching the race though the eyes of the rider you can understand how skilled these guys are and how they must have nerves of steel! Ryan Surratt - Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2018 - GoPro Next up we have Shane McElrath up against none other than fellow Troy Lee Designs KTN Factory rider Jordon Smith. There will be no love lost between them here though when that gate drops as it's each rider for themselves and man it's a serious match up! McElrath inches out the start slightly and holds it firm as they KTM duo rip out some serious moves in this Semi. Shane McElrath - Semi-Final - Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2018 Finally we have the epic face off between past and present! In order to take home the win and title of Champion Shane McElrath had to face off against none other than three time Supercross legend Ryan Dungey. Both previous runs were tied off one a piece which meant it was all down to this, one last run and winner takes all. Can the young gun take down the proven champion... let's find out! Shane McElrath - Final - Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2018

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