We all heard about Lamborgini sports cars and Ferrari sports cars. These are one of the most famous and lovable sports cars. But do you know why Ferrari is the reason behind the development of Lamborgini sports car?

Lamborgini is a company established by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963. The establishment of this company have seen as taking revenge from Ferrari. The father of Ferruccio Lamborghini was a farmer. Ferruccio used to love mechanic and engines work since his childhood. He was a fan of cars. Because of having interest in mechanics and moter works he took admission on that field for study. Later after completing the study, Ferruccio joined the Italian royal Airforce. He worked there as a mechanic. In those days world war second was going on. After the ending of world war, he left his mechanic job and opened a small workshop. He also bought a car and whenever he gets some free time then he works on to modify the car.

During this, an idea came to his mind. The idea was Lamborghini tractor. He started buying engines of armed forces and started manufacturing of tractors. People were focusing nowadays on agriculture after the second world war for stabilizing the economy of the country.

Due to the high demand for tractors, Lamborgini trattoria became the most famous company of tractors in Italy. After getting success in this business Ferruccio Lamborghini bought the most famous sports car of that time. That car was Ferrari 250.

After using few days, Ferruccio felt that there is some problem in the clutches of that car. So instead of complaining anywhere else, Ferruccio directly reached to the owner of Ferrari company Anjo Ferrari. He described his all problems to Ferrari. But these talks of Ferruccio was not liked by the owner of Ferrari company Anjo Ferrari. Ferrari said that you know only about tractors not about sports cars. You do not knowabout these cars. After hearing this statement Ferrucio became very angry and sad and decided to take revenge from Ferrari.

Ferruccio established an auto factory in Sant Agata city. He hired three old workers of the Ferrari company and started development works. After that, he registered this company with name Lamborgini Automobile. In 1964, Lamborghini launched his first car, Lamborghini GT-360. But Lamborghini became famous in the world after the launching of sports car Lamborghini MIURA. After that Lamborghini became world famous and the company growing day by day.