For Kimi Raikkonen the moment of farewell has arrived.

It 'a piece of recent history of Ferrari that goes away, with a total of eight seasons, although not all consecutive, but above all it is the last Ferrari rider to be able to boast of the title of world champion.

This makes Kimi's farewell a bit melancholic for many, but the fact remains that everything dates back to eleven years ago, once biblical for the expectations of the fans of the Maranello house, people with a fine palate, better accustomed to winning and that sees the Ferrari management ready for important changes to return to being the numbers 1.

The vacant steering wheel will be entrusted to Charles Leclerc, who has been in the pony since 2016 in the Academy Ferrari.

The change in the driving of the second car of the Ferrari team is certainly not a choice made in the blue, dictated by the results of the moment, but a choice already planned for some time and very strongly sponsored by the late Sergio Marchionne, who even wanted to change already at the beginning of this season.

The disappearance of Marchionne suspended the whole operation, at least until the Italian Grand Prix, where each piece was put in its place.

Contrary to Marchionne The new CEO Luis Camilleri, tried to delay the arrival of Charles Leclerc in 2020, his project in fact planned to "park" for a year the French in the American team Haas, and get Leclerc just in 2020 , but the refusal of the American team has in fact forced to anticipate the arrival of the new Ferrari driver at 2019.

Who is the new Ferrari driver?

Frenchman of Monaco, 21 years old next October, is a predestined, long appointed by Marchionne as the future official driver at the helm of the red. The French has been in Ferrari orbit since 2016, being part of the Academy Ferrari.

Charles Leclerc, this year is debuting in Formula One, in fact runs for the Alfa Romeo Sauber team, then after only one season will pass in Ferrari, so a great responsibility since it will come where every driver dreams of arriving as a child, to be able to drive not just a single-seater of F1, but the car that more than any other has made the history of this sport.

Age is on its side, experience a little less, but that will be done.

The choice of Ferrari is clearly out of perspective, Kimi has given so much to the prancing horse, but has often had ups and downs and in Maranello need to find, among the new generation of potential champions, what will make them win the world title that is missing from so much time, and even prepare in perspective the after Vettel.

So rejuvenating the team with a young and rampant driver instead of the "seasoned Kimi Raikkonen" is an important message for the team, is it even for Sebastiano Vettel?

The impression in this last year and a half is that Ferrari is not inferior to Mercedes, indeed, but perhaps too much mistakes have been made by the team and also by the drivers.

Vettel himself has not been exempt from making serious mistakes, so the arrival of an emerging driver, perhaps less willing to do favors to his team-mate, will certainly put pressure on the German.

How will this new scenario develop?

Will Vettel accept the challenge that will come from his new partner and return to be that pilot "almost infallible", as we knew him at the time of Red Bull?

Or will it undergo further pressure which could result in more errors?

Will Charles Leclerc really have the talent and personality to impose himself immediately, in front of his multi-titled team-mate?

Or will he be relegated to the role of supporting actor by Sebastian?