I know there are more legendary Formula One races in rainy conditions but that was before I started following Formula 1 25 years ago. Here is my personal Top 5.

Ayrton Senna – 1993 European Grand Prix

in 1993 at Donington Park, Ayrton Senna scored one of the last and most memorable victory of his Formula One career. He started the race from fourth place on the grid with his McLaren. At the start, he lost 1 position to Karl Wendlinger because he was squeezed by Michael Schumacher. Then the magic starts.. with an incredible move driving outside the race line in Craner Curves overtaking Schumacher and Wendlinger he was in third place and before the end of lap 1 after overtaking Hill and Prost he led the race.

During the rest of the race the weather conditions keep changing, first, the track began to dry just as quick the rain came back Drivers where facing a hard decision which tires to pick during the race because intermediate tires were not available 25 years ago so it was Full wet or Slicks. 75 laps and 5 pit stops later due to changing weather conditions he finished first and had a massive gap to Damon Hill (1'23.199) who finished second and lapped the rest of the field.

Michael Schumacher – 1996 Spanish Grand Prix

He joined Scuderia Ferrari at the beginning of the season after two consecutive titles with Benetton. Williams-Renault dominated the first part of the season and things were not looking good for Ferrari and Michael Schumacher who had high expectations at the beginning of the season. Things changed on 2 June 1996 at the Spanish Grand Prix. The qualification started on Saturday putting Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve on the front of the grid with their superior cars. Sunday was, however, a totally different story with wet conditions whole race. Michael Schumacher starting third, had a bad start and dropped down to ninth place after almost stalling his car, he quickly recovered and gained 3 positions back before the end of lap 1.

He was unstoppable the entire race while he was driving with a full wet set-up and light tank, he was 2-3 second faster then the rest of the field driving totally different race lines than the other drivers. He took the lead in lap 12 in did not give his leading position away. After 2 pitstops he finished 45.302 seconds before Jean Alesi and 48.388 Jacques Villeneuve who completed the podium. It was his first out many wins for the Scuderia and it was this race that earned him the name "Rainmaster".\

Sebastian Vettel – 2008 Italian Grand Prix

the only 21 years old Sebastian Vettel became the youngest driver in Formula One to take pole position after winning the qualification on Saturday in wet conditions. This was a great achievement considering he's was driving in a much slower Toro Rosso. Raceday: First on the grid and wet conditions.. all the ingredients were there for a stunning result. Heavy rain prior to the race made all the drivers start on extreme wet-weather tires behind the safety car. After the safety car ended at the end of lap 2 Vettel managed to keep the first position.

Vettel continued to open his lead on Kovalainen who was on second place lap after lap, Vettel pitted from the lead on lap 18, coming out on the fourth position. In lap 23 Massa and Webber pitted and so Vettel led the Grand Prix once again. After pitting again on lap 37 he still heads the field and didn't give this position away anymore finishing 12 seconds ahead of Heikki Kovalainen's McLaren and became the youngest Grand Prix winner in Formula 1 (by then).

Jenson Button – 2011 Canadian Grand Prix

Probably the longest (four hours and four minutes) and most remarkable race has to be the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix. 2 collisions 5 pitstops and 1 drive-through penalty couldn't stop Jenson Button from winning the race. He started in seventh place behind the safety car in wet conditions. After squeezing his teammate Lewis Hamilton into the pit wall at lap 8, 3 pit stops and a collision with Fernando Alonso in lap 37 forcing another safety car he was driving around in the last position at lap 40.

With only 30 laps to go, he did the impossible, catching up the entire field and secured his "probably" most remarkable win in his F1 career.

Max Verstappen - 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix

the only 19-year-old Max Verstappen at that time is the only driver in my top 5 not winning the race but still deserves to be there (not because I am Dutch :-) ). After the race started behind the safety car Max Verstappen (who started fourth on the grid) quickly overtook Kimi Räikkönen and Nico Rosberg to gain into second place behind Lewis Hamilton. Everything looks good while Lewis and Max were a class of their own in this wet condition until lap 39. Max Verstappen almost lost his car driving to the straight end of Autódromo José Carlos Pace, São Paulo but made "probably" the safe of the century and managed to keep his car out of the wall and just managed to keep Nico Rosberg behind. After 2 safety cars and RBR team’s strategic blunders, he was suddenly at 16th place with only 15 laps left to race.

And then, as Christian Horner said “I think what we witnessed today was something very special.” 

Max Verstappen climbs back up from 16th to the third position in the last 15 laps.

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