In 2017 there was a crash in Singapore between Vettel and Räikkönen - a key scene in the World Cup match. What role does the Finn play after the final farewell?

The long flight to Singapore gave Sebastian Vettel plenty of time to think.

About the need to win the night race, for example. About his momentous crash drama at the same location pretty much exactly one year ago. And also about the piercing question: Can Vettel still rely on the so important help of his outgoing team-mate Kimi Räikkönen in the final sprint of the season?

"I'm doing my job and I'm ready to drive against everyone," said the German last. Against the Mercedes duo Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. And just against Räikkönen. Maybe he really has to do that now.

Räikkönen has to go - how does he react?

Räikkönen, Vettel's loyal number two for a long time, has to leave the Scuderia after the season - and has every reason to fight for his own cause in the remaining races.

Because time is running out for him. Räikkönen drives a winning car in Formula 1 exactly seven more times, then he is replaced by top talent Charles Leclerc. He himself will join the Sauber Hinterbänkler Team in 2019.

Vettel already dissatisfied in Monza

Räikkönen's last victory was more than five years ago, and this dry spell for the former World Champion could become Vettel's problem in the fight for his first title with Ferrari.

It had already become clear at Monza that Räikkönen is currently thinking more of himself when in doubt: Vettel's early accident with Hamilton could only have come about because Räikkönen had previously driven a battle line against his teammate.

This is complemented by information according to which the Finn heard about his end at Ferrari shortly before the Italian race.

Lewis Hamilton has Valtteri Bottas as an avowed helper

Ferrari also apparently wants to do without a real stable order, an announcement to Räikkönen from the command post, this year. "We have racers, not butlers," says team boss Maurizio Arrivabene on this subject.

Vettel is dependent on help in the fight for the title. Not only because Hamilton already has a 30 point lead. Because Mercedes uses his driver duo much more effectively in Hamilton's favour. Bottas has already provided decisive help on the track several times.

The other competitioners also observes this. "Sebastian doesn't fight with the same weapons".