💪 Day 43 of 80 Day Obsession💪 

Well, Day 43 is in the books. Today was Total Body Day (AAA). Another hard one, but I kinda like the hard work. Today was a tough weight lifting day as you will see with the gifs below. You definitely feel this workout everywhere, but I pushed through it! Even though some days, I’m like “ugh”, I tell myself “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”. I hope that stays true. Even though I love strength training, I still find it quite challenging!

                      🏋️‍ Bicep curls! Yeah, I Got This!🏋️‍

One move I love in this routine is the bicep curls. Love doing this move. It’s like yeah I got this and makes me forget what comes next!


                 😍Why Do I Love Bicep Curls So Much?😍

The reason I love this move, is that it finally gives me a chance to breathe. Moves that require the total body always seem to be a struggle for me, so when moves like this happen. I feel like Wonder Woman! Another reason I love doing them, is that it reminds me of my Body Beast days. (one of my favorite programs) I love doing simple weight lifting moves, those are my favorite!

             😨 Lateral Curls, Oh Dear These Again? Ekk!?!😨

One move that was challenging was the lateral curls. This is a move that I have never liked. So let’s just say I was glad when it was over.


                   😠Why Do I Hate These Lateral Raises So Much?😠

My least favorite move to do are lateral raises. Why you may ask? I have always struggled with this move. It’s one of my big weaknesses but I did it! I try to be brave and started with 8s but wasn’t sure I could do 8s for 3 rounds. Guess what, I did it! My upper body strength really sucks normally, so when I increase my weight from 5 pounds to 8 pounds and could do it for 3 rounds, I was proud of myself for accomplishing this. This is a big achievement for me and was so surprise I could do it. So it looks like all that hard work is paying off!

                          🤔 How Did The Bands Go Today?🤔

As you can see in the picture above, I used the heavy band and medium band. I was feeling strong today at first anyway, so I started to use the heavy band. I use the heavy band for the following moves: forearm plank jumping jacks, narrow bridge clam, leg circles, 1st position bridge and single leg bridges.

I used the heavy bands to challenge myself, and I really felt it in the leg circles. The moves with the heavy bands are so hard, but I’m glad I could finish them. It was really a struggle. Nonetheless, I’m glad I could at least do those moves. I can really feel improvement with the bands. Then there were three moves that was like some weird torture. I did try with the heavy band at first, but couldn't do it, so I moved to the medium band. The moves I used with the medium band are Looping Standing Donkey, loop scissor twist and v-leg raise. It was very hard but glad I finished it! Had to give myself a couple of 20-second breaks to complete it but I did it! Tomorrow will be interesting. I may be sore tomorrow (like I was last week) but was totally worth it.

                  🙈 Doing Moves With Sliders, How Bad Was It? 🙈

The good news, there was only 2 moves that involved sliders. The bad news, they are super hard! For the corkscrew move, I used the chair. I couldn't do it as I was just not strong enough yet. Core moves like this are not my strong point but with the chair, I felt I could finish it, which is the important thing!

For the teaser core move, I still couldn't do that either but did twisting mountain climbers. Which means instead of my left leg going to my left arm, it went to the right arm and my right leg went to the left arm. Yes, I had to modify but got my reps and didn’t skip it. I feel that doing a modification is a lot better than skipping it. All I can do is try an hope for the best.

       🤔My Final Thoughts On Day 43 of 80 Day Obsession🤔

It was very challenging, especially with the three rounds and the weights being 10 reps. That was not easy! Even though in the 3rd round it was just 1 move to do, not 2. It still was pretty difficult. By the 3rd round you feel so worn out. I was so proud of myself with Shoulders and Delts, I raised my weights from 5 to 8 pounds, just shows all the hard work is paying off! Not only were there weights today but sliders and bands too! Even though the sliders were quite challenging, it did feel like I accomplished a lot when I finished!

The same could be said about the bands. As I mentioned above the bands made it harder but I believe all this hard work will pay off! I do feel like phase 2, is a lot harder than I thought! Especially, the band moves and with all the added challenge the sliders give in this phase. Sometimes this program can be a struggle! However, I shall not give up no matter how hard it gets!

                              🌟Woohoo My Workout Is Over🌟

I may be wiped out, but I am glad I finished. Even though I had to take a few breaks. At the end of the day, I finished my workout at my pace and did the best I can! I may not break any records but I am one step closer to achieving my goal to be at a more healthy weight!

Are you doing any workouts or following a certain workout program?

Does it involve bands?

Does it involve sliders?

Does it involve weights or a mixture of both?

Are you just doing a cardio program?

Let me know in the comments!

Side Note: Pictures were made by me on my cell phone or made with bitmoji app.