Hey y’all! It’s Monday and it’s time to get motivated. As y’all know Swolesome and I are doing a fitness challenge. Here are the rules. "Each participant must exercise at least four times per week. If you don't do all four workouts then you have to pay $10 to a community pot which will be used to buy a Scorum-related item or experience."

We’re one week into the fitness challenge and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I worked out four out of four times this week. I started on Monday and was really sore so I took a 3 day break. Then I worked out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to get my 4 workouts in. Swolesome on the other hand hasn't worked out once and owes $10.

This week I focused mainly on my legs because that’s what I like and I’m starting out with what I like. My goal for the first week was just to be active and get in the habit of making time to exercise.

This week my goal will be balancing between arms and legs. Working on my legs two days and working on my arms two days. My legs are pretty strong as it is, they just need to be toned up. That should be fairly easy. My arms are another story. I have terrible upper body strength. I could bust a watermelon with my thighs but I can’t do a push-up to save my life. This week I’ll start slow in the arms and gradually work on them more.

In an effort to track my progress I’ll be posting weekly updates on my workouts and measurements. Here are my week one measurements...

Arms-13 inches

Thighs- 24 inches

Calves-16 inches

Waist-36 inches

Weight-0 (I want to track my weight as well but I’m not comfortable sharing with all of y’all how much I weigh so my weight will be 0 this week and I will update it weekly for how much I lose or gain. For example -1lbs or +1lbs.)

Another big part of being fit is eating healthy. I haven't been doing too well at making healthy food choices, but I have been trying. My biggest problem is drinking soda. I'm addicted to drinking Coca-Cola and when I don't have any for more than a day or two I get really bad headaches. I'm not going to completely cut out soda yet, but my goal for this week is to drink more water and less soda.

I'm feeling good about this week. My work schedule is looking good so I will have time to exercise without just barely squeezing it in. Swolesome you better watch out, I'm in it to win it!

XOXO @hellsbelle 🖤