In the Central match of round, in the Derby of Manchester between two antagonist submarines – Josep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho. It was clear that the latter will not play openly, although in recent meetings, United have acted that way. Try to impose the "City" your football and you'll immediately hard and painful punished in front of an angry mob. Mourinho knew it, because his attitude before the match was clear. To close, to play on the counterattack and not to leave behind too much space.

Most interesting is that in the compositions of the balance of power had no effect. And if Man City is in principle not able to operate behind closed doors, the "United" is ready to offer the opponent any model without major personnel changes. The guests from the first minute was not Juan Mata, Alexis Sanchez and Romelu Lukaku. This allowed us to field those who at least in theory, could defend themselves. This is the fastest ahead of Anthony martial, Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard. Important the absent Paul Pogba.

City were dominating, obviously. Bayern played the football fast, florid, showy and effective. The team Mourinho predictably turned into a clot, fit to burst for a few seconds. But this had to wait, because city scored fairly quickly. On 12-th minute, when the opponent turned into an anvil, the owners if the hammer went through the opponent's half of the field. Man City played the ball on the left flank, and then shoot on goal could Aguero, but the Argentine moved the ball to Silva, who removed half of the defenders on the backswing and went through the hands of David De GEA.

"United" after the goal never recovered. The team was shaking and feverish, and moments almost was not. Everything turned into a push-pull using the world's best players. Approaches as the waves crashed against the piers of the defenders were killed in the embryo and arose again. But the only goal in the first half was a key milestone, then the lull. She could only hope that before the storm. And after the break.

The second half really turned into a storm. Not least because it was scored another three goals. In the 48th minute, Aguro almost buried the chances are for a positive result. Argentinian gorgeous opened in the penalty area along the right flank, received the ball from Mareza and loaded from an acute angle into the near top corner. The shot was so powerful. The gloves De GEA failed to hold the ball a second time in the match.

Manchester United showed anything after the release of Lukaku. Romelu did not have time to spend on the pitch, immediately earned a penalty. The Belgian came down on the falling over the ball from Ederson. The 11-meter implemented martial. But as it turned out, it was a mortal shock. Then reigned and tore only "city".

Thanks to the fresh Ilkay to Gundogan and Leroy Sana'a city has preserved not only the advantage but also the pressure, which could not boast of "United". In the 86th minute, the final nail in the coffin was scored by Gundogan. Ilka forgot in the penalty at the time a cross from the flank. Silva complied with the softest, well, just a perfect canopy on the 8-th number, he calmly received the ball and second touch sent it into the goal De GEA. Take it out!

Abandoning his game, "United" is not a strong won. The team Mourinho failed after different attacks. It does not matter in a positional attack or response speed, but "city" was better. Against the background of rival Manchester United looked conventional "Everton" or "Bournemouth." The only other t-shirts, with other names, salaries and history.