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Tottenham won rough playing City
There were well-known tactics in football to hurt other club key players to ease game for you. Some weaker managers are using it when they play games against better sides especially when they have high value stars. Older football fans saw that on Pele in World Cup in England in 1966. Last manger I could imagine who will make this tactic was Pep Guardiola from Manchester City. I am really disappointed in him after Tottenham - Manchester City game. He saved some key players like De Bryne,Sane or Company on the bench. I thought he underestimated Tottenham or wanted to rest them for future battles, but while game proceed I figured out that he wanted to save them from injuries, because he was afraid that Spurs will play on them what he told his squad to play on Hary Kane, Delle Ali or Son. In first half that was obvious that City players are deliberately making to hard fouls on Kane and even after each of them try to punch him with elbow or 'accidentally wading'. Unfortunately referee did not see that and did not show them well-deserved yellow cards for that on time. That was the ugliest rough play I've seen in recent period. Unfortunately they managed to seriously hurt H.Kane who went to dressing room by jumping on one leg. They also managed to hurt Delle Ali's arm by deliberated wading while he was on the ground. They also tried to hurt Son too. Game was intensive from the beginning Rose made penalty for City, but magnificant Ugo LLoris saved Kun Aguero's penalty shoot for increased madness on terraces of Spurs new stadium. I don't know which penalty which he saved this season it was, but lad jumped to big highs with this save for sure. Spurs were threatening from time to time and the biggest chance was H.Kane's close range shoot which City goal keeper saved.The battle in the midfield was really hard. We saw Fernandinho's after foul elbow and hit on head on Hary Kane which I think is not allowed in UFC and not in football. He went away without well deserved at least yellow card and that was the sign for City that referee will tolerate rough play and that Guardiola's tactic of rough playing and disabling key players of Tottenham will have implicit support of Dutch ref. Later in first half we saw without the ball foul on Son close to penalty box. In my times fouls on players without the ball was strict red card or at least yellow, but City player went off with just foul for this deliberated pulling from back without the ball. We saw the same midfield fight in second half where Hary Winks played really good, Rose and Trippier did not make big mistakes, Alderweirled and Vertongen were on high level. Unfortunately we saw attempt to end football carrier of H.Kane by deliberately wadding of nasty City player after which England and Spurs legend jumped on one leg to dressing room. It was not even a foul for Dutch prick-referee. I think City player should have seen straight red card for that and get something like 6 months ban of playing football. Then when once good and now poor manager and rough playing manager Guardiola thought he had job done Erisken found out Son with good pass. First touch was not so good, the ball almost went out of play and while City players tried to signal that the ball is out Koren fox used 1-2 second gift to enter in good position and shoot bellow City goalkeeper for 1:0 and big victory for Spurs. Until the end Delle Ali's arm was hurt by also deliberately ugly wadding of City player while he was on the ground. They attempted to hurt Son too, but Korean manged to escape dirty foul. For me after this Guardiola is not the best manger any more, but poor abuser of rough playing whose club is using dirty playing style. I hope that bear will soon start to dance in front of his gates and that some of his key players will go out injured in next few games. Come on Liverpool go get them in the title race! :)