Thierry Henry has repeatedly acknowledged how much he respects Pep Guardiola for the time they spent together in Barcelona, ​​and now on his last visit to the Sky Sports studio, the legendary French striker gave the best explanation of what he learned from a Spanish expert.

Arsenal's unforgettable striker admits he has learned new things about football at the age of 30 thanks to Pep's incredible tactical capacities, who also had some crazy ideas, leading Thierry Henry and Samuel Eto to return to defense positions to leave space for other players.

- I learned how to play football again with Pep Guardiola. After all that I spent with Arsenal, Monaco, Juventus and the national team, I began to see football in a different way with him. I started to understand the space on the ground, to understand what it means to stay in position, I realized that you should always give 100 percent of yourself. Sometimes he changes tactics five times in onHalf time. To me and Eto'o knew how to tell us to come and go back to the positions between the right back and the right central back. So we "freeze" four opponent players, Xavi and Iniesta had the ball, and Messi was released in a blank. It's like telling you, come find me in London, without telling you any directions. With Pep is different, he gives you GPS, directions and car to find yourself in the right place, - explains Henri.