Undoubtedly the most successful and popular club of German football is Bayern Munich. Bayern, not just Germany, is one of the most influential clubs in Europe. The clubs vast support group has been scattered all over the world. Even in Bangladesh there are Bayern's official fan groups. Let's learn about some interesting information about Bayern Munich.

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# Unrivaled success

Although the success of Bayern is energetic for any club, the opening of the club was very simple. The club was born in February 1900, at Munich City Centers restaurant, Gieselta. This German giant was born with the signing of documents of only 17 people. A German photographer named Franz John, who was the first club president of Bayern.

The Bundesliga originated in 1963. Interestingly, Bayern Munich was not allowed to play this first in Bundesliga. Because there was no Bayern, but another club in Munich '1860 Munich' was the city's most influential club. Bundesliga was born in 16 clubs, the first rule was that more than one club can not take part in any city. And so Bundesliga was the most successful club in Germany.

After two , the promotion added Bayern to Bundesliga The club did not have to look back. Bayern is undoubtedly the best football club in Germany with a record number of 27 Bundesliga titles and 18 DFB Pokle Cups. By winning the league, Bayern has Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Monsengladbach, who have been able to win the league only five times. On the other hand, Bayern's close relative SV Verder Bremen, who won the title only 6 times in favor of the main club title DFB Pokal.

Bayern is the only German football club in Germany to achieve treble victory. In the 2012-13 season, the manager of Japan's Heinzkas led by veteran Barbusa Dortmund in the Champions League final, they won the title of major 3 club titles (Bundesliga, DFB Pokal and UEFA Champions League) in the same season. UEFA Champions League has won the club a total of 5 times. Only Real Madrid (13 times) and AC Milan (7 times) have been able to win this European championship over Bayern more than once.

# The young talent of the grasshopper

Bayern's economic structure is ideal for any club, but at one time the club did not have such a good time. Overwhelmed by economic deterioration, the club decided to build young players instead of buying expensive stars, who would have Bayern's future in hand. And this project came out of the club's three world-class footballers Gerrard Muller, Sepp Meier and Franz Beckenbauwer, known as the "golden threesome" of the club.

Bayern is the fourth richest football club in the world at this moment. But they have not moved away from the project to build their own young footballers. Thomas Muller, Matt Hummels, Tony Crus, Bastian Schweinsteiger, David Alba - The career of the current footballers has started from Bayern Academy Bayern Munich, who spent the whole life of the World Cup winning defender, Philip Lam, When he retired from the club at the age of 11, he has played 517 matches for Bayern.

# Franz Beckenbauer "Dar Caesar"

German legend Beckenbauer was a leading defender of his time. He was an outstanding contributor to popularizing new football positions as 'Swiper'. Not only the protection, he was an idiot hunger to the opponent, due to his outstanding passing skills and the inexhaustible hunger for the goal.

While Franz Beckenbauer was in his early life, he was a devoted supporter of Bayern's rival '1860 Munich'. Career was started in the club 'SC Munich von 1906', as a center forward. When the club faced bankruptcy, he and all his teammates decided to join in 1860 Munich.

But an under-14 tournament in Newburgh changed his decision. The final of the tournament was confronted by his own team 'SC Munich von 1906' and '1860 Munich'. In the match, blood clash between the two footballers of the club. Beckenbauer, after the rage-rage, joined Munich instead of Munich in 1860, in Bayern Munich.

The rest is history. He has won four Bundesliga and four DFB Pokel titles for Bayern. Not only that, under his captaincy Bayern won the three European Cups (current UEFA Champions League) title, from 1974 to 1976. Despite being a defender on paper, he received Ballon d'Or in 1972, which can not be imagined in today's era.

His first name, 'Franz', reminds the old Austrian emperors. And so the supporters of Bayern have given nicknames to Beckenbauer "Dar Caesar" or "The Emperor".

The vast support group

Their supporters' relationship with Bayern Munich is not exactly the same as the other ten clubs. According to Bayern, supporters are the heart of their club. Supporters of the Twenty20 player of the match Bayern And according to these fans, Bayern has dedicated their number 12 jersey to honor them.

Bayern has approximately 2,90,000 official club supporters, which has doubled in 10 years. In the official supplementary numbers, there is no European club near this German giant. Among German clubs, Shalco and Borussia Dortmund have 150,000 official supporters, almost half of Bayern. Social media sites Twitter, Facebook and over 65 million followers of Bayt in Instagram. Only 24 million followers of Germany's second popular club, Borussia Dortmund, have.

And there is a huge reason behind this huge number of supporters, because of the liberal attitude of the authorities in determining the price of tickets. Despite being a popular club, Bayern's season tickets are available in just 140 Euro, with which you can enjoy all of the 17 home league matches held in Alliance Arena every season.

Beer festival, october festival

Munich city famous for its festival called 'October Beer Feast'. Each year approximately 7 million liters of beer is being eaten on this festival. Apart from the fair and beer festivals, there are several cultural events organized, where the world's largest celebrities perform. More than 7 million people from all over the world participate in this festival, which is why this 'October Festival' is known as the world's largest folk festival. And Bayern footballers also take part in the October Festivals every year by showing solidarity with this festival.

Apparently Bayern footballers may feel unnecessary to participate in the beer schedule during this tight schedule. But the interesting fact is that there are no negative effects on the performance of Bayern Munich, despite the absence of so much beer. Bayern Munich wins in the 8th season of the October Festival match. So far, 59 of these 90 matches have been won during the festival, they have won. Even the greatest striker of the current time, Robert Levandsky, scored 5 goals in the same match against Wolfezburg in the October 2015 Festival. As Bayern footballers became more overwhelmed by the Bavarian Beer.

This success of Bayern Munich did not come in one day. From the very ordinary situation today, there are many great footballers and supporters of Bayern left behind to become a huge emperor. As a result, people today understand Bayern Munich for the German football.