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Mehsan Anwar, a national athlete of Sindh junior table tennis, who made a name for herself in the future, died at the age of 16 after prolonged illness.

16-year-old Sindh junior table tennis player Mehk Anwar, a resident of Malir 15, Karachi, has been battling lung cancer for the past three years, who died on Wednesday night, November 20, with two sisters, Harem Anwar and Bashari Anwar. There are also table tennis players.

Mahek Anwar was a position holder in inter-school and inter-college tournaments, while representing Sindh in the 24th Junior and Cadet Table Tennis Championships and wanted to become an international player. After taking office, the first notice was taken to arrange the treatment of Aroma Anwar, after which Federal Minister Fawad Chaudhry also tweeted about the Prime Minister's notice which was limited to mere assurance.

Besides being a hardworking athlete, there was a talented student who is not present among them today because of the Prime Minister's promise, started table tennis from the sixth grade school, had been suffering from cancer for the last three years, before cancer. She was on stage when she was diagnosed with cancer.

Doctors say treatment will be cured and will be cured 20 lakhs were reported but it cost even more, every hospital treated and sold everything to treat his wife ornaments 30.30 lakhs. By the time he reached the fourth stage, he passed away, Imran Khan had taken notice and announced treatment that had not been implemented but hoped he would fulfill his promise but nothing came with reassurance. Not even a single rupee could be helped by the Prime Minister; the Prime Minister who was self-supporting would have thought that if he had promised. If yes, complete it