Former Arsenal captain Pierre Emerick Aubameyang has come out to speak on his exit from the English side. According to him, he stated that he gave up his huge salary because playing in Barcelona was a dream move for him.

Further, he went to state that he would be overlooking any previous grievances he had with Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta.

Aubameyang's move

According to reports, the striker left the Arsenal camp and failed to return as at the stipulated time. More to that, manager Mikel Arteta had previously complained that Aubameyang always pointed to the teams training ground late.

To him, he saw that attitude as one exhibited by a player who was not dedicated to the club. Once his annoyance with the Gabonese got to the brim, Arteta took drastic actions.

Aubameyang considers his options

The actions taken by Mikel Arteta stated one fact clearly, he had no plans to use Aubameyang ever in the future. The Gabonese was banned from the Arsenal training ground, and ripped of his captaincy.

Hence, he began seeking a move away from the Emirates. And once Barcelona came calling, there was only one Arsenal for Aubameyang.


So far, it has been a great start for Aubameyang at the Catalan team. Having netted thrice in their last Spanish league encounter. Fans can only hope in continues this way for the Gabonese.