I will be honest with you, I never followed much this sport and I had never seen a match until I heard about the birth of Juventus Women, two years ago. The Turin society has taken over the place available in the women's championship due to Cuneo's abandonment. Until now the team led by Rita Guarino won 2 Scudetto, one on his first year and the second in 2019 and also his first Italian Cup. My enthusiasm about it has risen exponentially, I can't hide it, and so I started watching the matches and now that the France World Cup is taking place I'm following it with some interest.

Watching them play the difference is clear between men, the actions are less spectacular, considering only those with high levels of intensity, the shots from outside the area hardly hit the target and are far from irresistible, even if on free kicks they do very well, the goalkeepers are perhaps a bit clumsy but the ball spinning and skills are not bad at all! I would say that the few differences I noticed end here, also because from what the primary thing about this sport suggests, is that it's a sport, sportiness comes first and this football has a lot to teach to men.

One of the first things I noticed is that almost no one fake, minutes and minutes of match lost to waste time in the worst possible way, people worthy of actors as Robert De Niro's caliber, the boringness here practically doesn't exist, combativeness and fairness, quality that some lords of football have only to learn, even if unfortunately some spit has also flown as during Cameroon vs England from few days ago.

Temper is another quality that they can boast, never seen refusing to play as it happened a few days ago always between Cameroon and England, where after an ambiguous decision of the referee assisted by the VAR the African formation has been validated a goal against, they had stopped because the linesman had wave the flag too soon, all this is repeated when he was canceled a gol for a millimetric offside to the Lionesses.

Their right or wrong? It is not for me to decide, something unique compared to men's soccer, an enviable character on the part of this girls, who should pay a little more attention to the rules and concentrate more on the game.

And here we are, all admiring the women's World Cup, totally changing perspective about a sport we are used to seeing with malicious eyes and there seems to be nothing malicious here.

Congratulations and standing ovations to the football ladies, thanks to all of them for teaching the champions that they can improve themselves a lot and we really hope that the trend will not be of opposite way!


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Sketch by @ran.koree