Zidane opened the door and in Spain they are saying that the Frenchman wants to enter.

According to the As newspaper, there are five key names to carry out the transfer that is approaching difficult, since Manchester United does not want to give up one of its most important players.

Paul Pogba

First comes the name of Zidane.

The Frenchman is the biggest promoter of the transfer of the midfielder (World Champion) and has returned to Madrid with full powers to hire anyone he wishes, with Pogba at the top of the list.

The desire is not from now and has already appeared three years ago, but only now can it really materialize. "In 2016, after winning his first Champions League, Zidane asked about Pogba to Florentino. At the time Pogba wanted to leave Juventus and was contested by Manchester United and Real Madrid, but Florentino, who was never convinced with the midfielder, did not want to make him the most expensive player in Real Madrid's history. Now, with more strength in the club, Zidane comes back to the charge without reservations" as you can read on the As.

The second name is Pogba himself.

The Frenchman has already revealed that wearing the Real Madrid jersey is a career desire and with this statement, he has put himself back on the market: "Real Madrid is a dream for all football players, especially with Zidane. We do not know what the future will bring," he shot.

It is known that the French finishes contract in 2021 and the salary of almost 14 million euros would make Pogba in the best-paid player of the squad, next to Bale.

Mino Raiola, Pogba`s manager, is also a mandatory name on this list.

The agent is one of the reasons why Florentino Perez did not want to hire Pogba three years ago, due to the attitude and financial demands of Raiola. Nevertheless, the will of Zidane promises to be sovereign and Florentino shows himself willing to swallow the malaise to give Pogba to his selected coach.

Also, Toni Kroos comes up as one of five key figures to unlock this transfer.

The German midfielder seems to be at the end of the line in Madrid and has been harshly criticized this season due to below average performances, and the final decision will be made by Zidane at the end of the season. However, an exit of the midfielder would open the way to Pogba, who plays in the same position.

Finally, the name of Gareth Bale also appears in the list composed by the newspaper As.

The Welshman does not enter into Zidane's plans for the next season - the Frenchman already wanted his departure last season - and his sale can truly be the key that unlocks the Pogba business.

The Welshman earns a millionaire salary gross of 14 million euros, so that financial relief would be the perfect push to secure the hiring of the French midfielder. Even more: Bale is an old desire of the red devils, which can function as a bargaining chip in the business ...