FC Bayern München's statis continues, Borussia Dortmund engineer another sensational comeback, Hannover 96 secure their first win of the season, and struggling VfB Stuttgart become the first Bundesliga team to sack their coach. Welcome to the review of match day 7, with stories of tight matches, last-minute drama and goals galore!

Compared to last week's disaster, it was back to normal on the predictions front. FC Bayern again let me down with their home defeat, but elsewhere the picture was pretty solid. Two scores right on the nose, and two other correct outcomes from the nine fixtures. Not fantastic, but not bad either.

The Matches

Werder Bremen v VfL Wolfsburg

Prediction: Bremen 2:0 Wolfsburg. Result: Bremen 2:0 Wolfsburg

This was a great start to the week, with the first match of the nine going by the form book. Favourite Werder Bremen secured the win, giving me my first perfect score of the weekend... Sparking dreams of a perfect nine...

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Borussia Dortmund v FC Augsburg

Prediction: Dortmund 2:1 Augsburg. Result: Dortmund 4:3 Augsburg

This was one that I would have liked to have got wrong, especially when Augsburg were twice in front. But a late Dortmund winner turned a dramatic encounter on its head. My consolation was that I got the right outcome, with correct goal difference to boot.

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Hannover 96 v VfB Stuttgart

Prediction: Hannover 1:1 Stuttgart. Result: Hannover 3:1 Stuttgart

After Stuttgart's win last week, I was guilty of overestimating them - and underestimating a Hannover side that was waiting for its first three-pointer. I was not the only loser - VfB coach Tayfun Korkut became the first Bundesliga coach to bite the dust.

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1.FSV Mainz v Hertha BSC

Prediction: Mainz 0:1 Hertha. Result: Mainz 0:0 Hertha

Given Mainz's tight-as-a-drum defence, I had been toying with the idea of going for the goalless draw. In the end, I trusted in-form Hertha to snatch the points with the one goal. Big mistake. Mainz remain the most secure team in the German top flight, having conceded just four goals in their seven outings.

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Fortuna Düsseldorf v FC Schalke 04

Prediction: Düsseldorf 2:2 FC Schalke. Result: Düsseldorf 0:2 FC Schalke

Schalke have always been my bogey team for predictions, and it was a case of same old story again this week. I again chose not to trust them, and they returned my lack of faith with a second win on the bounce. If I back them next week, they will probably crash and burn.

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FC Bayern München v Borussia Mönchengladbach

Prediction: Bayern 3:1 Gladbach. Result: Bayern 0:3 Gladbach

The most disappointing result on all fronts. FC Bayern had the possession and the passing stats against a clinical Gladbach, but remain stuck in a rut. After a great start to the season, my team have let me down for the third week in a row. Do I dare bet against them the next time around?

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SC Freiburg v Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Prediction: Freiburg 1:3 Leverkusen. Result: Freiburg 0:0 Leverkusen

Both of these teams score goals, so a goalless draw was probably the most unlikely result. This was one that I do not think any sensible pundit would have got right, even Nostradamus. OK, I could have called the right outcome... It turns out that I was way too kind to Leverkusen - a team that, like Schalke, always seem to let me down.

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TSG 1899 Hoffenheim v Eintracht Frankfurt

Prediction: Hoffenheim 1:2 Frankfurt. Result: Hoffenheim 1:2 Frankfurt

The second Sunday fixture gave me my second perfect score, though there were some worrying moments at the end when Frankfurt were reduced to ten men. Hoffenheim pulled a goal back to give me the magic score, and it took a stunning save from Eintracht 'keeper Kevin Trapp right at the death to secure the result.

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RB Leipzig v 1. FC Nürnberg

Prediction: Leipzig 2:0 Nürnberg. Result: Leipzig 6:0 Nürnberg

This was one of the easier predictions in terms of outcome, and for a few minutes I was bang on the money. But then all of those other goals went in, with Nürnberg being put to the sword for the second away game in a row. A round half dozen, though it could have been a lot more for a rampant Leipzig side.

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