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While many are beginning to draw their conclusions as regards Messi's passing era, The Argentine Captain had some other plans in mind. He rarely hits the media to rant, he is just one of those few Star players who prefer to play their drums on the pitch and allow the ever busy media to dance to its beats.

The UEFA champions league is back again, and it's time for Europe soccer giants to soak the atmosphere with the frenzy and fanfare that comes with the game of soccer. Many sees the UEFA champions League as the Second most interesting tournament after The World Cup. Well, I just hope they haven't forgotten the Olympics.

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The Tournament sees the top four clubs in some European Countries being pitched against each other, indeed, it's a battle field for the champions and fittest. With 32 teams at the group stage, only 16 gets to see the light of "Round 16". This is the beginning of elimination, with two games(home and away) between the two teams.

It's here once again, and the Champions league big boys are already doing what they know how to do best, " Stealing The Show!"

Messi Lights Up The Night!

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Barcelona Captain has once again pulled one of his stunts on the game, and this time around, it was PSV that got consumed by the flames of his sublime performance. The Dutch Champions had to be reminded that when you dine with the devil, you make use of a long spoon.

With Dembele fouled at half hour mark on just Messi's favorite spot, the talisman unleashed the spell on his left foot to drive in the ball across the PSV wall. The net was seen dancing to his goal, while the goalkeeper could only try his best.

This means that The Barca captain has scored Eight Free kicks this year so far, the highest in the history of his career. He sets his own records and breaks them, what more do you demand from a god?

Messi has scored four goals in the league and Three in Champions league, That makes it Seven goals in six matches this season. With his Captain band, he has lifted the Spanish Super Cup just at the morning of the Season to herald how glorious his reign will be.

Leo is the most successful player in camp Nou with 33 trophies to his football CV, and also the club's all time highest goal scorer. However, The Argentine is still a great threat to teams out there.

Shattering Record Books.

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Messi's time with PSV last night did not witness the final whistle without leaving some modifications on the records, either by creating a new one or breaking an existing one.

Prior to Barcelona vs PSV match yesterday, Messi and Christiano Ronaldo were at par in terms of Champions League hat-tricks. Both superstars had Seven hat-tricks each.

But there is a modification to that now. With Messi's hat-trick yesterday against PSV, the Argentine now has eight hat-tricks to his CV, just one ahead of his eternal rival Ronaldo. These two guys are just making football very interesting.

Valverde Praises The Record Breaker.

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His masterful display against PSV yesterday night has left many lavishing praises on the goal poacher. And one of those people is the coach himself. He could barely hold himself after witnessing another magic.

"Messi is normal because we always see it," Valverde said to the Champions League TV channel. "In any of us it would be abnormal, but he does extraordinary things and makes them routine."

The father of three also took his hat-tricks tally to 48 in his football career after opening the floodgates with a sublime left footed strike.

Messi's last goal also brought the number of his Champions League goals to 103, which is more than the number of goals PSV has scored in the Champions league as a club. The Dutch Champions have 102 goals to their name. This left Valverde lavishing praises on the 31-year-old.