Denmark plays his friendly match in Slovakia tonight with futsal players and players from the lower divisions of Danmark. Due to a financial conflict, the regular internationals boycott tonight's match.

The national team from Denmark has been fighting for a while now with the DBU union about a collective labor agreement. The dispute mainly concerns individual sponsor contracts of players who would clash with lenders from the national federation.

As no solution was found so far, the internationals refused to play the friendly match against Slovakia and the Nations League game against Wales on Sunday. Due to major financial consequences, the DBU can not cancel or postpone the matches.

On Tuesday-evening, the league announced a list of 24 players who are willing to play the matches. They are footballers from the second, third and fourth division of Denmark and also has five Futsal internationals.

Denmark squad:

Goalkeepers: Morten Bank (Avarta), Christoffer Haagh (Jaegersborg Boldklub),Christian Bannis (TPI)

Defenders: Mads Priisholm Bertelsen (TPI), Victor Hansen (Frederikssund), Nicolai Johansen (Vanlose), Daniel Nielsen (Vanlose), Christian Bommelund Christensen (Jaegersborg Boldklub), Kasper Skraep (TPI)

Midfielders: Simon Vollesen (Birkerod), Rasmus Gaudin (Vanlose), Adam Fogt (Kastrup), Oskar Hojbye (Vanlose), Anders Hunsballe (Greve), Christopher Jakobsen (Hillerod), Kevin Jorgensen (Jaegersborg Boldklub), Rasmus Johanson (HIK), Louis Veis (Jaegersborg Boldklub), Kasper Kempel (Skovshoved)

Forwards: Anders Fonss (TPI), Troels Cillius Nielsen (Birkerod),Christian Offenberg (Avarta), Daniel Holm Sorensen (Skovshoved).

I do not know any players from the above list so I'm curious about how they will do.