Football is definitely one of the most watched game or sport known to the history of man. We could even argue it is the most watched. Football is a universal game as there is hardly a part on earth where football is not known. Football has been able to gather a lot of fan base all around the globe and has also done a lot to unite people of different races, tribes, colours and beliefs together as they all scream ‘Goal’ or sigh when a goal is lost. This game is so widespread that even kids less than three years already kick balls around and shout goal. You would wonder why people ,mostly men, would almost go crazy over a 22 men kicking a ball around a field. A lot of factors come together to make football the most interesting and attention seizing sport.

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  1. Football is simple : There’s no arguing about this. Football is so simple that after a few games, new players are already familiar to the rules. It has a long list of rules too but the fun of playing makes the rules stick even faster. Children even play this game without stress

    2.  The Euphoria is a special kind of feeling. : We’ve all witnessed the world cup. A twelve year old must have witnessed this thrice not to talk about other big football competitions between clubs like la liga, seria A, premier league etc. The adrenaline surge in the bodies of fans around the world when their team is about to score a goal or is leading is akin to glorious orgasm. You can’t but twitch in excitement through out the game or grunt unhappily.

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    3.  Availability : football is so popular that you can come across it almost anywhere. In real life matches, in mobile phone, in computers or laptops, in game emulators or in boards. You can play football anywhere you find yourself. A few kids even fold papers into post-like shapes and roll torn paper into spheres and do penalty shoots.

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  4.  You do not need a fortune to play it : it is not like the formula 1 racing where you need an actual race car to play it in real life, or basket ball court to play basketball. A few dollars or more can get you a football depending on the quality you want and that’s all you need if you do not want to go all out to buy football kits. Football does not require a lot of spending…you only need a ball.

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This game has united the world through it's uniqueness and has managed to calm a lot of tension building up between countries relationships. Brothers who were once getting at each other scream goal together of tribes and clans yell the support of their teams in unity. There is simply no game as unique and intense as football.