The Azzurri continue to show great enthusiasm

Another sparkling effort of Italy, who has not won in its last 10 in 29 consecutive games. This time, Locatelli was hero with two fantastic goals, instead of Marco Verratti, who was injured, but it was once again the whole band that made a significant difference. Italy plays rather than collecting individual talents like a well-oiled orchestre. The Azzurri are still quite enthusiastic.

In 2021 Italy recorded 7 games, 7 victories, 31 scored and none granted. Two games, six points and six targets are at Euro 2020. Only France began a European Championship in 1984 and Germany in 1996 with straight victories of a minimum 2-goal margin without any adhesion, and both teams continued to win. The 2021 Italian class has every opportunity to join them.

Following a 3-0 victory in Switzerland on Wednesday evening in Rome, Roberto Mancini's side are the first to reserve their spot in the Euro 2020 knock-outs but they seem like a squad that feels they have a lot more to go. This may not be a bunch full with superstars boasting like the big tournament groups of the past, but it is essentially a team. And there's a sure, well-booted one.

Mancini says, "It was a hard game we knew and it was. We generated a number of opportunities and deserved the victory. In the early minutes, we struggled, but then pressured them high and obliged them to make errors". The top two teams are the best four of the six third-placed teams in each group. Two teams advanced with three points in Euro 2016. The initial tie-breaker for points teams is head-to-head record, which is followed by a total difference in objectives.