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Italy Caught Red-handed
Poland and Italy haven’t brought good news home for a long time. Jerzy Brzeczek and Roberto Mancini have different problems and expectations and try to provide some calm, coherent and enthusiastic decisions concerning their teams, which is a great solution to their problems during difficult times. Gli Azzurri are rather confident than hesitant with a deliberate rush and considered and prepared idea. Although their coach knows that something must appear during the period of rare victories. It’s certain that Italy has something at hand. Idea. System. Football. And it’s clear that you should ask the team coach about it. Poles and Italians walked on the pitch ready to pull the imaginary rope that represents a contrast of playing styles on 14 October. Brzeczek's players formed a diamond in the centre of the pitch trying to block the breaks of Pescara-born Verratti and Londoner Jorginho. There were many players inside this diamond with Zielinski behind Milik and Lewandowski. Poland left much space. Very much. At the very least ten metres between Milik and Lewandowski at the dividing mark. When the ball touched that part of the pitch, the Polish team swung and defended in the block of many players circling around the ball. The Italian system resulted in 90 minutes of coherent, graceful and confident playing. Mancini continues to prop up his 4-3-3 scheme. As it was anticipated in the match against Ukraine, there was a strong connection between the creation of advantages and use of the ball. The ball spent much time in the rear, just as Verratti likes, so the attacking players have enough space, what Jorginho likes. La Nazionale is creating the following structure, which has been recently pointed by David de la Peña. Chiesa as a left winger, Insigne as a false 9, Verratti with the freedom to align himself with both sides — so there were many players in the left — it means that the scheme can be changed from bottom to top and from right to left. Jorginho is on the flank, while Insigne helps wide midfielders, who frame the scheme in which Verratti and growing Barella as act like the third backup. The power of predisposition, unconditional effort in consistent and striven pressure to create instability in the centre of the pitch, and great playing, patient and sensible, smooth. It gave Italy a sense of balance. Of dominance. A great first half permitted the Italian defense feel calm and defend with dignity and superiority against the constantly threatening Polish tandem. After a continuous period of time the goal was scored in the second half. It gave the feeling of encouraging start for Manchini the Nations League. It attests that something is unfolding in this Italy that knows that there won’t be great players to rescue their present. Source: Ecos del Balón

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