So, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been given the Manchester United job on a permanent basis. Is anyone really surprised?

The Norwegian legend has taken a team that was about as appealing as stepping in dog shit to the dizzying heights of challenging Arsenal and Chelsea for a top 4 finish. Levels. The boys are back in town, apparently.

In all seriousness, I take my hat off to Solskjaer. He's landed his dream job and proven to the world that Mourinho was, as everyone with a functioning brain already knew, a dinosaur with no clear vision. But what is with the media barely trying to hide their bulging pants at the idea that Solskjaer is the man to continue where Fergie left off?

This all seems so familiar. Something about 'The Chosen One'. Quick, hide the banner. We didn't really mean it. Wait, is this take two, three, or four?

Okay, let's stop with the immature tomfoolery for a bit. Solskjaer has done well. Manchester United look like a genuine threat and the fact that they managed to overcome PSG in the Champions League is impressive. Still, news outlets are getting a bit carried away with his win rate of 73.7% considering he's been in charge for just 19 games. Let's not forget, Sam Allardyce has a 100% win rate as England manager. Legend.

Frankly, comparing Solskjaer's win rate to Ferguson's is an insult to one of the greatest managers the world has ever seen. For reference, Fergie had a win rate of 59.7% as Manchester United manager. Sky Sports will fail to mention the fact that he was in charge for 1500 games. Just a slight difference there, lads.

Let's jump down that rabbit hole for a moment then. Solskjaer had a win rate of 30% as manager of Cardiff. Since his departure, Neil Warnock has led the same club to a 43.7% win rate. That means he's 13.7% better than Solskjaer. Quick, sign him up!

Even Russel Slade (who?) managed a 37.2% win rate as Cardiff boss. Okay, we get the point, statistics don't really mean much without context. Maybe, just maybe, we should stop using them to back up biased opinions then? Solskjaer has done well enough to warrant praise without resorting to bullshit.

The summer transfer window is certain to be an interesting watch. When I say interesting, I mean as fun as going to the dentist. Jim White will be sure to fake an orgasm when United are linked to Declan Rice and Eric Dier but the real question is whether Solskjaer has the pulling power to attract the kind of names that the supporters will demand.

This could be a shrewd management appointment or a massive disaster. I'm thinking it's probably going to be the latter but I have been proven to be wrong on many occasions in my life. A 3 year contract suggests the club doesn't want to look stupid after the fiasco of allowing Moyes to sign on for 471 seasons but let's sit back and see how he does over the course of an entire season before we start building statues.

Please excuse me while I go and heavily back Barcelona in the next round.