It so much pains my heart whenever i hear the news about the issue of corruption & favouritism associated with our daily football routines. This have had negative effect on the growth and development of sport in so many countries and it bitters me the most that whenever such topic is raised, African nations are always the centre bone of the topic where my own country Nigeria shares about 48% of the ration. This sadistic behaviour of our leaders have driven our enthusiastic youth crazy that they all want to fly abroad to rekindle their sportsmanship spirit. Our leaders who feel they have every power, right and authority to shape the nations sports life to their direction are the main cause of the underdevelopment we've been suffering. At this juncture, we cry out and call for help from the outside world.

Recently in the Under 17 world cup going on in Brazil, the Nigerian team tops the table with six points in two matches and are looking quite elegant as they march on. Little did we know that there have been an inside house issues between the Nigeria football federation and the coach Manu Garba when he refused to smuggle in Abba Bichi who seems to be the son of the Director General of the Department of State Service (DSS) Yusuf Bichi. He coach who initially rejected the directive for the coercive inclusion said that the DSS's son is not good for the team later succumbed to pressure amidst threats and dumped Ogaga Oduko to include the 15 years old Bichi. "Oduko had been with the team since the time of the U-17 Africa Cup ofNations tournament in Tanzania. He was also with the team during the preparatory tour of Turkey and we all see his overall contribution to the team. We were surprised when he was dropped in the final squad list and saw the name of Abba Bichi included,” sources told SaharaReporters.

Bichi who based in China was never part of the team and the helpless lad Oduko was asked to remain in Brazil while the game goes on. How disheartening can this be. Our highly ranked officials in the Nigeria football federation who should be backing up and empowering the youths are the ones collecting miniature tokens just to kill the career of a 17 year old.....How sad. 😭 😭 When will this vile nature end?????.

The source said, “Bichi, the DSS DG’s son might not play for the team because the coaching crew cannot vouch for his ability. You can see that he was not featured in the game even though he was listed in the squad. We may not get to see him play a crucial part in the tournament except in games that the team does not place importance on.” But truth be told, this is not a league, its a cup were you face knockout stages and you can't say you wont place importance on these games. Clearly stating, Abba Bichi will not be included in any game as he does not have the known qualities to be in the team.

Money, bribery and corruption got his name to the team list but it shouldn't take him any further if Nigeria is to play a better game in this on go in U-17 world cup. The Team have managed to qualify to the round of 16 with six points after winning their first two games against Ecuador and Hungary while they lost their third game to Australia. Well, we anticipate what he next round holds for them. I wish them luck though.

Well, a word for Ogaga Oduko.

Every disappointment eventually turns to a blessing directly or indirectly. Stay calm and keep the positive vines boiling. You'll surely go places beyond imaginations.

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