Today I wanna tell you in brief about Sporcle, I've been using this resource for several years. The idea of this website is to provide you with a huge amount of quizzes on various topics including 'sports', that's one of the most popular there. Tests are mostly created by users, checked, chosen and moved to top by moderators. You can play as a guest, or register/conncet with Facebook.

Front page looks like:

You can see various categories in a drop-down list. After click to 'sports' there is a whole list of quizzes in that category, however, you have an opportunity to choose a subcategory:

Here you can also get acquainted with your own playing stats, if logged in :)

Test can be divided into following groups:

  1. text quizzes: answer to the question with/without mistakes — if failed, than quiz automatically finishes, answer yes/no, etc.

2. visual tests:

3. choice from a number of suggested variants: 

4. fun tests:

There are more variations of tests, I tried to accumulate and post most popular and catchy :)

When I've spare time, I always try to get through several quizzes and I strongly recommend you do the same!